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Can we engineer biology

Today, I bring you two links that are best read in sequence. The question is whether we’re anywhere near being able to approach biology the way we approach engineering. The debaters are both exceptional: Vijay Pande, healthcare investor at a16z, […]

under the microscope

How to engineer biology. 

Vijay Pande, partner at a16z, published this post in Scientific American explaining how we’re moving from pure discovery to a more structured engineering approach for biological. “With design, however, we can plan and progress very systematically along a roadmap and […]

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a16z bio fund invests in Ciitizen. 

Vijay Pande explains their investment thesis in Ciitizen, “a platform that helps patients securely collect and share their personal health data.” The startup looks to address one of the biggest underlying issues in healthcare: the structural lack of transparency when […]

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The bio side of tech. 

Vijay Pande led a16z’s investment in health-tech company BioAge, and uses this post to explain the rationale. They have the ambitious goal of identifying biomarkers for aging in youthful blood. Vijay makes it easy for non-scientists to understand the meaning […]

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Biology, the new (old) technical debt. 

Vijay Pande writes on the a16z blog about the transition we’re going through in healthcare. “When you finally understand the spaghetti code of bio, what can you do with it? The answer is that we’re living in a new age […]