History of public SaaS returns and valuations

This is a very data-driven analysis worth skimming at least. “The overall returns from public SaaS companies have been remarkable — the average SaaS company has returned almost 5x from their IPO price. For context, most venture capital funds strive to return 3x+ funds over a 10-year fund lifecycle, whereas if you had a dollar in every SaaS IPO you’d be up 4.7x as of 9-July-2019, on an average timeframe of fewer than 4 years.” learn more

China’s small businesses are now getting billions in near-instant loans

“Using real-time payments data and a risk-management system that analyzes more than 3,000 variables, [Alibaba founder Jack] Ma’s four-year-old MYbank has lent 2 trillion yuan ($290 billion) to nearly 16 million small companies. Borrowers apply with a few taps on a smartphone and receive cash almost instantly if they’re approved. The whole process takes three minutes and involves zero human bankers. The default rate so far: about 1%.” learn more