EHR ‘gag clauses’ may soon come off

As I peel back more layers of the health care system onion, I really appreciate some of the nuances that this industry has developed. In this case, it seems that a lot of the big Electronic Health Record software vendors have made it a violation of license to share screenshots of their product. That means that people who want to share useful tips to prevent user errors have been prevented from doing so. learn more

Prescribing food as a specialty drug.

This is so exciting! It seems “obvious” that food is tied to health, but this is the first time I’ve seen the healthcare system treat it that way. “Geisinger Health System’s program of providing free food as a treatment for diabetes — the Fresh Food Farmacy — yields improved outcomes for patients while reducing the cost of care.” learn more

High-tech toilet seat monitors your heart as you sit on it.

“Engineers at Rochester Institute of Technology have designed a high-tech toilet seat that effortlessly flushes out data on the state of your cardiovascular system. The tricked-out porcelain throne measures your blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and the volume of blood your heart pumps per beat (stroke volume)—taking readings every time you sit down to catch up on some reading of your own.” learn more