AI shows fibromyalgia is a real disease. 

Interesting to note that we can now detect via brain scans that which no other test could confirm. What happens next? “Artificial intelligence can now decode the brain signature for fibromyalgia—providing a definitive, objective sign that the illness really does exist.” learn more

AI reads eye scans as well as humans. 

“Doctors at a U.K. eye hospital are getting algorithmic help interpreting the results of 3D eye scans, using a system developed at Google’s DeepMind that can identify more than 50 eye problems and recommend a course of action with human expert-level accuracy.” learn more

Tumor-killing cells with on-demand self-destruct. 

Scientists engineered tumor cells to secrete a molecule that causes death of the main tumor they came from, but not the engineered cells. Then, they triggered self-destruct of the engineered cells with a targeted drug. “The authors then tested the efficacy and safety of this method in mouse models of primary, recurrent, and metastatic tumors.” The link is to the raw publication in Science Translational Medicine. learn more

Breakthrough study uncovers genesis of Alzheimer’s. 

“Impressive new research has discovered the earliest point in a neurodegenerative process that is thought to lead to dementia. The researchers describe the discovery as like finding the “Big Bang” of Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s hoped the work leads to new treatments and ways to detect the disease.“ learn more

You can grow new brain cells. 

Until I read the transcript of this TED talk, I was under the mistaken impression that humans do not grow new brain cells as adults. Well not only do we grow new brain cells, but Sandrine Thuret also explains how to influence the rate at which we do. learn more

Emulate makes “Organ on a Chip” technology. 

I recently found out this existed, and I’m still stunned. “The translucent Emulate chips, roughly the size of a AA battery, have tiny channels lined with human cells and tissue. These chips are engineered to recreate the physiology and mechanical forces encountered by the cells of an organ, such as the flow of blood or air.” learn more