Bill Gates unveils a new toilet. 

Much of the world lacks toilets. Because of that, disease runs rampant. No water and sewer infrastructure means traditional toilets aren’t going to be an option. So, Bill Gates has been investing in this space….

Why recycling doesn’t work. 

This article is Canada-focused, but I would guess that the content applies to the US as well. “Ontario is the only province from which detailed financials are available. In 2016, blue-box collection cost municipalities a…

Why cryonics makes sense. 

Tim Urban from Wait But Why became a believer in cryonics – freezing yourself after death – in 2016. He lays out an interesting case, though I’m not quite ready to sign up. | learn more

Remember to think long-term. 

“Installation has finally begun on Jeff Bezos’ 10,000-year clock, a project that the Amazon CEO has invested $42 million in. The actual idea for the clock comes from Danny Hillis, who originally proposed a 10,000-year…

MIT media lab does cool stuff. 

“For more than 30 years, MIT has been recruiting people with crazy ideas to work in their Media Lab, where life-changing inventions are created. 60 Minutes got a peek at what they’re working on now.” | learn…

Rewriting the genome. 

“Berkeley biochemist and CRISPR expert Sam Sternberg shares the thrilling story that led to this development and what it means for the future of humanity.” | learn more

Lessons from Hans Rosling on population growth. 

I’ve posted one of the late Hans Rosling’s videos before. He’s an expert on population-level health data. In this article, Shane Parrish at Farnam Street helps summarize some of the biggest insights and misconceptions Rosling identified. | learn more

ARK Invests’s big ideas 2018. 

I’ve been following this fund manager for a few months, since they keep putting out great content around the big dynamic changes we’re expecting in our world: robotics, CRISPR, cryptoassets, 3D printing, etc. This is…