on the blockchain

Tornado Cash hijinx.

This blockchain service is used to launder cryptocurrency, and the US government recently banned it. Interacting with it can get your accounts frozen. So someone decided to have some fun: “Max chaos — someone is sending TC’d ETH to big […]

big ideas

We’re going to need a lot of solar panels.

This will really expand your mind. Casey Handmer makes the case that with the solar costs declining 30% with every doubling of production, an average doubling time of 3 years, and a little more time, we’ll soon see solar energy […]

under the microscope

Pig organs partially revived in dead animals.

“Researchers have restored1 circulation and cellular activity in the vital organs of pigs, such as the heart and brain, one hour after the animals died. The research challenges the idea that cardiac death — which occurs when blood circulation and […]

to your health

How will Amazon approach U.S. primary care?

Musings by two MBA professors who specialize in the healthcare industry: Robert S. Huckman and Bradley Staats. “Amazon has a playbook for reinventing businesses that it enters. It includes simplifying processes, experimenting to determine which new approaches work best, and […]

better doing

Synchronization can be distracting.

“We are primed to pay attention to things that happen in a thunderclap. But the events that change our culture often happen over time, distributed across parts of the population too small to notice.” | learn more

oh, Austin

The difference between xeriscape and zeroscape.

I hadn’t heard of this until I moved to Texas. Keeping plants (and grass) alive down here can be hard, so often landscaping is designed to require no water. When I finally saw the word ‘xeriscape’ written out, I thought […]