on the blockchain

Square sold a lot of bitcoin in Q3

“Square said that it sold $1.63 billion in bitcoin through its Cash App during 2020’s third quarter.” One side-note: I still don’t know anyone who uses this app. | learn more

big ideas

Floating cities: the future of civilization?

“Seasteading isn’t the answer to our most complex problems. The answer is more experiments in government. But at its core, floating cities would allow market competition “in the most powerful industry on earth: governance”” | learn more

to your health

Amazon jumps deep into the pharmacy business

This goes well beyond their PillPack acquisition from 2018. The new offering, Amazon Pharmacy, allows customers to order prescription medication with free delivery, accepts most insurance, and even lets you compare your insurance price to the cash price (which is […]

better doing

Telling the 800-lb gorilla to shove it up his ass

On competing with big companies. “Every founder frets about competition from a big company, me included. We scoff at their inability to innovate and for prioritizing shareholders over customers, but still we quiver in fear.” | learn more

tech, startups, internet

76 growth marketing hacks

Ironically, this content itself serves as a tool for growth. “Free list of growth marketing tactics and hacks to rapidly scale any business from B2B to DTC.” | learn more