on the blockchain

Tether price manipulation

“Tether has been manipulating #Bitcoin’s price upwards for years now by printing unlimited, and unbacked $USDT. This thread will cover the controversial aspects surrounding Tether, and how it will eventually meet its demise.…” | learn more

big ideas

To fund people or projects?

Here’s a deep discussion of the merits of two different scientific funding paradigms. Are we better off funding scientists and giving them a lot of freedom, or funding specific research projects with a tight leash? | learn more

thoughts of food

The restaurant apocalypse and DropKitchens

“Drop Restaurant – A Dropshipping model / and or Operating System (Similar to Shopify) for virtual restaurants where entrepreneurs create virtual restaurants from existing kitchens and generate revenue without ever touching a stove.” | learn more

under the microscope

Single cell learning

“The question of whether single cells can learn led to much debate in the early 20th century. The view prevailed that they were capable of non-associative learning but not of associative learning, such as Pavlovian conditioning. Experiments indicating the contrary […]

retail therapy

The original home shopping frenzy

All about Sears! “As they branched out into other product lines, including sewing machines, bicycles and even cars, their catalogue steadily increased in size. By 1908 it offered more than 100,000 items over 1,400 pages, weighed four pounds and was […]

retail therapy

An oral history of the world’s biggest coupon

This was fun to read! “Bed Bath & Beyond’s plus-size mailer, known as Big Blue, has made it to TV, eBay, even a mobster’s kitchen drawer. “The poor mailmen,” the company’s former marketing V.P. said, “what we did to them.”” | learn […]