on the blockchain

Matt Damon’s crypto commercial.

Sharing this for entertainment not analysis. “Here’s how much money you would’ve lost if you bought crypto during Matt Damon’s ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ commercial.” | learn more

big ideas

Dude, where’s my fuel?

Prometheus Fuels Founder and CEO: “But as often happens with breakthroughs of this magnitude, our process has … raised a lot of questions: How is it possible that your e-fuels are so much cheaper than everyone else’s? And if you […]

big ideas

When to throw your plastic straw into the garbage.

“I’m a civil engineer. Landfills get a bad rap because they seem horrible, but modern landfill technology is really pretty amazing. … And anything that goes into the landfill does not get into the ocean.” | learn more

under the microscope

Help reproduce a study about randomness.

“We found this cool study about randomness that we wanted to show you. But…there is something we saw in the data that made us question the results. Can you help us reproduce the study and figure things out?” | learn more

to your health

What are health care sharing ministries?

“As healthcare costs rise, health care sharing ministries (HCSMs) are getting a lot of attention—not all of it good—as an alternative to traditional health insurance. Open to people who share religious or ethical beliefs, they aren’t insurance companies. Rather, they […]

better doing

IBM’s asshole test.

“Some years back I applied to join IBM’s grad scheme, there was a peculiar stage to the process I’ve not seen elsewhere.” | learn more