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Substack vs. DAOstack.

“Decentralization doesn’t eliminate the hard problems. It doesn’t wish away wars over values; hierarchies of professional vs amateur; the challenges of developing and nurturing talent. And, token-based governance isn’t necessarily going to reach the best or most ethical solutions. But […]

on the blockchain

The future of digital communities.

“Key learnings: Dicker envisions what he calls “Web 3.0,” a world in which social tokens, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and “creator DAOs” (decentralized autonomous organizations) will create new layers of digital value that will allow audiences to interact with each other, […]

under the microscope

Paradigm shifts, paradigm drifts

This essay is from 2009 and much of this still feels novel. I guess paradigms take time to shift. Or is it gradually, then suddenly? “I present here examples of what in my mind consti­tute paradigm shifts and drifts in […]

under the microscope

Google’s DeepMind opens its protein database to science.

“The new data­base of rough­ly 350,000 pro­tein se­quences and struc­tures rep­re­sents a po­ten­tial­ly mon­u­men­tal achieve­ment for the life sci­ences, one that could has­ten new bi­o­log­i­cal in­sights and the de­vel­op­ment of new drugs. Deep­Mind said it will be free and ac­ces­si­ble […]

better doing

Mise-en-place for knowledge workers

What an excellent analogy! I especially appreciate the Finishing Mindset – “In cooking, a dish that is 99% finished has zero value.” More: “Knowledge work is unique among skilled professions in that we lack a culture of systematic improvement. Other […]

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The app that monetized doing nothing.

“My short-lived meditative oasis came courtesy of Calm, the most popular mindfulness app and one of the most popular apps in existence, full stop. More than 100 million people now have Calm on their smartphone, after downloads surged by a […]