better doing

A study found diversity did not make teams work better.

This is certainly a surprising result, given it flies in the face of what seems like ‘common knowledge’ these days. “A new, comprehensive preregistered meta-analysis found that, whether the diversity was demographic, cognitive, or occupational, its relationship with performance was […]

big ideas

The extreme shortage of high IQ workers.

An interesting way to think about the distribution of talent. “It’s very difficult to run a high-IQ civilization of 330 million on just 100,000 high-IQ workers–the pyramid of ability extends only so far.” ~ learn more

profiles of people

The people who ruined the internet.

A reporter for The Verge spends time with the SEO operators who have long worked at squeezing money out of the internet. “I came to understand that, since the dawn of the internet, there have been people attempting to manipulate […]

better doing

Ask vs guess culture.

“When unreasonable requests are followed up with “but you could have just said no!” Exploring the clashes of ask culture and guess culture, at home and at work.” ~ learn more

better doing

Learn by copy.

Jason Cohen celebrates copying styles. The analogy extends to business. “In America we’re trained that all copying is bad; of course plagiarism is, but perhaps we’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” ~ learn more