on the blockchain

How recursive royalties will save NFTs.

I learned this week that, “Contrary to expectations and popular belief, royalties are not enforced by an uncompromising golem on the blockchain. Royalties are voluntarily enforced by marketplaces.” This author proposes a solution. | learn more


How do big creators think about Web3?

Ezra Cooperstein leads Night Media, a talent manager for internet creators like Mr. Beast and a bunch of other probably popular people I’ve never heard of. “I bet some of you have been thinking, ‘wow, I’m hearing a lot about […]

retail therapy

Do you remember the Radio Flyer tricycle.

A short and interesting story from Robert Pasin, the brand’s Chief Wagon Officer: “30 years ago when Radio Flyer was in serious trouble and we dove headfirst into reinvention mode, we had to understand what we could become best at.” | learn […]

better doing

Everybody is (still) winging it.

“It seems to come as an immense relief to many people to be reminded that it’s not just them – that the reason they always feel like they’re making things up as they go along is because everyone is always […]

better doing

What work looks like.

“The mantra of sharing your work and involving everyone in decisions naturally leads to inviting and copying people into things that add no value to them, or you.” | learn more

tech, startups, internet

Why won’t Netflix party?

“Disney+ has a shared viewing mode. So do Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. There’s even a “Netflix Party” Chrome extension available in the Google Play store. So, why won’t Netflix launch the feature?” | learn more


Someone stole this a woman’s crane.

It’s not just carjackings Chicagoans have to worry about! “We had the keys in our pocket — somebody had to hotwire it, had a flatbed and took it with them.” | learn more

fun facts

What’s inside that Lithium Ion battery?

“Have you ever wanted to cut a battery open to see how it’s made? Don’t do it. At best, the contents will irritate your skin. At worst, they’ll explode. Fortunately, we’ve got a good way to look inside batteries: a […]