big ideas

JP Morgan’s big bet on carbon removal.

They are funding direct-air capture, which is probably my favorite technology solution for removing carbon from the air. The problem is that it requires a lot of energy, so it’s expensive. But by both raising capital for the providers (they […]

big ideas

Adapting to climate change.

“The remarkable decline in the US temperature-mortality relationship over the twentieth century.” Air conditioners are one of the three adaptations. This reinforces the point that climate predictions that don’t account for adaptation (probably most of them?) are missing something critical. […]

thoughts of food

Saving the Cavendish banana.

The bananas we know and love were not always the top banana in the market. A disease wiped out their top competitor the Gros Michel, leaving them in pole position. Now there’s a disease coming for the Cavendish. “After earlier […]

to your health

All about heart rate variability (HRV).

The metric offers insight to the functioning of the nervous system. Specifically it’s thought that when the metric is high, it’s a sign that the nervous system is in “rest and digest” mode, while when it’s low it signals “fight […]

better doing

You can’t reach the brain through the ears.

“Why must every generation of humans spend their entire lives learning what the last generation already knew? Why can’t we reach the brain through the ears? The lives we could save, the years we could get back, the progress we […]