under the microscope

Faster testing for artificial antibodies

Researchers at Berkeley have created a new system to rapidly test artificial antibodies. This feels like a strong brute-force attack against pathogens. “The system starts with a nanosheet made up of molecules called peptoids. This is then coated in loops […]

retail therapy

10 eCommerce trends shaping the future of DTC in 2020

There are some interesting concepts noted here, including “LTV Is Everything, LTV Is Nothing: Meet Your Cash Multiplier.” I also am fond of the notice at the top: “This article was written a week prior to the coronavirus pandemic.” | learn more

retail therapy

Retail and e-tail metrics in post-virus world

There’s a chance of sampling bias here, but the trends are fascinating anyway. Luxury sector conversion rates are up a surprising 35-40% vs benchmark. “[Marketing agency] WITHIN … tracking year-over-year trends in ecommerce revenue, ad spend, and conversion rate relative […]

better doing

Communicating online

Seth Godin highlights four ‘big leaps’ that exist when moving communication online. “It’s not just like the real world but with keyboards.” | learn more

better doing

Happiness is peace in motion

Naval Ravikant has transitioned from startup investor to philosopher, and I like it! “The first problem with attaining peace is that no activity will get you there. Fundamentally, peace is inactivity; it’s a sense that everything is fine.” | learn more