on the blockchain

Digital horse races

“Horse racing meet NFT mania on Zed Run, a digital platform where some top steeds are fetching six-figure sums.” | learn more

thoughts of food

Vegetable oils

From food entrepreneur Justin Mares. “I’m seeing more and more people rely on randomized clinical trials and research to make any sort of nutritional recommendation. If there’s not a randomized clinical trial (RCT, the gold standard for determining causation in […]

under the microscope

The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life

WOW! “DNA isn’t the only builder in the biological world – there’s also a mysterious bioelectric layer directing cells to work together to grow organs, systems and bodies, says biologist Michael Levin. Sharing unforgettable and groundbreaking footage of two-headed worms, […]

retail therapy


Last year, Tequila’s share of liquor sales grew 22%. “Meet the tequila and mezcal brands serving a new generation of drinkers.” | learn more

retail therapy

Ecommerce meets the passion economy

I haven’t tried this store but I love the concept of Curated. Product expertise tends to really be missing from ecommerce. “Founded in 2017, Curated is a three sided marketplace, connecting consumers, experts and brands.” | learn more

to your health

Can we live to 200?

From the NYT, this is a high level summary of the different tech on the horizon for extending life. “In the last century, the average human life expectancy doubled. Here’s a roadmap to the innovations that could help us do […]

better doing

Brands improve people’s performance

“When people struggle with a difficult task, using a brand can help them perform better. For example, people who drank water from a Gatorade cup exercised harder and longer.” | learn more

better doing

Crazy new ideas

“There’s one kind of opinion I’d be very afraid to express publicly. If someone I knew to be both a domain expert and a reasonable person proposed an idea that sounded preposterous, I’d be very reluctant to say “That will […]