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The science of great NYC bagels.

This NPR article says it’s not the water, it’s the process. “Traditionally, Coppedge tells The Salt, the chilled dough rings are poached or boiled in a solution of water and malt barley for anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. […]

better doing

Admitting what is obvious.

“This happened to me recently. I admitted a truth that was probably obvious to everyone around me, but not to myself: I’m a writer. This sounds so obvious that it feels like it is a joke. I write a weekly […]

better doing

Seek first to understand.

A story about consulting: “Whenever I arrive in a new context—a new client engagement or a new team in an ongoing gig—I seem to arrive right in the middle of something. A significant planning event, a technical design session for […]

better doing

Lie still in bed.

“In my search for ways to fix my sleep schedule, I came across a seemingly simple piece of advice: Lie still in bed. … Just like you can practice going to sleep at a reasonable hour, so can you practice […]

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Single piece car casting.

Rumor has it Tesla has figured this out. “CEO Elon Musk has often referenced how he has been inspired by Hot Wheels toy cars being made in a single cast piece and hinted that he would like Tesla cars to […]

tech, startups, internet

The end of the Googleverse.

What a wonderfully alarmist title. I don’t think the point this author makes is praticularly strong, but I do really appreciate the walk down memory lane with stories of Google Reader and Google Groups. ~ learn more