on the blockchain

The web3 growth stack.

There’s an ecosystem of tools and platforms that enable today’s tech and consumer companies to drive growth. “These tools enable structured processes around user acquisition, measuring retention and engagement, and monitoring conversion and monetization — the bread and butter of […]

big ideas

What does the rest of the world not get about India?

“I asked Kunal Shah this question last week. Kunal founded CRED – one of India’s leading consumer fintech companies valued at $6.4B. He gave me a laundry list of nuanced observations. This list is a *must read* if you’re interested […]

big ideas

Making energy too cheap to meter.

“Building a world that prioritizes energy production, an ergophilic world, can unlock far more than just solutions to problems. An ergophilic world would put no upper bound on our ability to manipulate the physical world: continuing the exponential growth in […]

retail therapy

The rise and fall of 15-minute delivery startups.

“Fueled by record levels of venture capital funding, they quickly blanketed New York City with their delivery bikes. The bet was that, in densely populated metropolitan areas, ultra-fast delivery would be more financially feasible to pull off. But just as […]

retail therapy

Apple Card holders are an expensive group to service.

“Reported by Bloomberg, the new performance details from Goldman’s Platform Solutions division paint a grim picture. In just the first nine months of 2022, the businesses including Apple Card saw a pretax loss of over $1.2 billion.” ~ learn more

better doing

How to (actually) use ChatGPT.

The first useful tip is to tell the chatbot what role you want it to play. For example, “I want you to act as a travel guide….” gets you a much more detailed response to a question like “what are […]

better doing

Monster vs. enemy.

“Pick a monster, not an enemy. The difference might be subtle, but it’s a big one…” ~ learn more