staying thirsty

What’s fossil water?

“Fossil water or paleowater is an ancient body of water that has been contained in some undisturbed space, typically groundwater in an aquifer, for millennia.” | learn more

on the blockchain

Argentina is a poster child for cryptocurrencies.

There’s a lot here. First: “Argentina has seen an average of 100% annual inflation for the last century.” No surprise the locals are allergic to their currency and convert to foreign currency whenever possible. But capital controls restrict foreign currency, […]

under the microscope

A positive amyloid trial, finally?

Big Alzheimer’s disease news this week: positive results for an anti-amyloid therapy. Researcher Derek Lowe takes a more sober view: “As the world knows, the anti-amyloid clinical landscape for Alzheimer’s is absolutely littered with failures in every direction: anti-amyloid antibodies […]

under the microscope

Researchers break the 30% barrier in solar cells.

“[Researchers] in the Netherlands came together to create a four-terminal perovskite/silicon tandem device. A tandem device can better use solar spectrum since it uses a mix of silicon-based solar cells with perovskite-based solar cells.” | learn more

tech, startups, internet

What I’ve learned from users.

This Paul Graham essay is partly him patting himself on the back for YC’s success. But it’s also partly a window into the recurring problems that founders face and the way his team tries to help. | learn more

oh, Austin

Autonomous robotaxis in Austin.

I’m planning to try this next time I need a ride somewhere. “Users can hail an autonomous ride using the Lyft app, similarly to how they would hail a regular Lyft car. Prices for the rides will also be the […]