on the blockchain

Innovation in Bitcoin’s technology stack

This goes deep into specific projects, but not so deep into technology that it’s impossible to understand. “So much is happening at the many layers of Bitcoin’s technology stack, it can be incredibly difficult to keep track of emerging solutions. […]

under the microscope

Delivering drugs with bacteria

I stumbled across this while learning about how to deliver microbes beyond the treacherous environment of the stomach. “The new ‘bacteria in a pill’ approach does things differently. Instead of pumping out a drug and purifying it in the lab, […]

under the microscope

This microbe no longer needs to eat food to grow

“Biochemical makeover allows Escherichia coli to use carbon dioxide as a building block for its cells.” This is an incredible breakthrough! “The work could lead to engineered microbes that suck CO2 out of the air and turn it into medicines […]

retail therapy

The rise of the DTC telemarketer

Retailers, including the hip direct-to-consumer variety, are more often turning to phone calls and text messages to reach potential customers. “Telemarketing is no longer relegated to scammers, insurance companies and debt consolidation firms. Unsolicited calls and texts are becoming a […]

better doing

Ergodicity, a simple explanation with examples

This is a really good explanation by Taylor Pearson of a topic that doesn’t get adequate airtime. I originally learned about ergodicity via Nicholas Taleb’s writing. “In an ergodic system, the average outcome of the group is the same as […]

tech, startups, internet

The marketplace funding napkin

This is a bit dated, but I think it hasn’t aged too badly. “So what does it take to raise capital as a marketplace startup in 2018?” Published by Julia Morrongiel at Berlin-based VC Point Nine Capital. | learn more

tech, startups, internet

Innovation and the 2010s

Ranjan Roy, writing for his newsletter Margins: “Did we experience real innovation in the 2010s? If you were to transport someone from 10 years ago to today, what would blow their mind?” | learn more

fun facts

Eagles vs turkeys

Benjamin Franklin did not like the choice of Bald Eagle for our nation’s most esteemed bird. He thought the turkey was more fitting. | learn more