profiles of people

Don’t die: an interview with Bryan Johnson.

“Bryan was disgusting, I was told. “A freak.” A blood sucking, overly-estrogenized bug man. His quest to “live forever” was “demonic,” the seething Twitter trads have long declared. Too online. Dangerous. “Nobody should give this man a platform.” I couldn’t […]

big ideas

How to remove carbon from oceans.

“Like on-land carbon capture technologies, which can extract carbon from our air, marine carbon capture harvests the molecules from seawater or the air above. Carbon causes problems for both: Excess carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere creates a kind of […]

teaching the kids

Personal export subsidies.

South Korea established itself as a world class manufacturer in part due to their policy of conditional export subsidies. They’d help their local firms out, but only after they proved overseas customers liked their products. Could this approach work in […]

under the microscope

A 50-year battery that degrades into copper.

“This breakthrough technology has the potential to revolutionize electronics by eliminating the need for chargers or portable power banks. Devices powered by these nuclear batteries could operate continuously without degradation in capacity or lifespan, unlike traditional Li-ion batteries. Imagine drones […]

to your health

Tim Ferris warns there are no biological free lunches.

So cool it on the extra testosterone, bro. “It’s alarming how many folks now treat “T” or “TRT” (testosterone replacement therapy) as something akin to taking a multivitamin, when they never would have considered taking androgenic-anabolic steroids (AAS) a few […]

to your health

A critical take on GLP-1s.

“The Ozempic argument is that we can improve health by curbing obesity. Unfortunately, Ozempic is just another example of modern medicine’s tendency to silo chronic diseases into “treatable” conditions. This paradigm has been a universal failure: heart disease has risen […]

better doing

The big three causes of burnout.

This is a brief and interesting assessment. “I’ve found it’s best to think of burnout not as a disease but as a symptom, with many different etiologies. The big three: permanent on-call, broken steering, and mission doubt.” ~ learn more