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The unpredictable abilities emerging from large AI models.

I suspect “emergence” will continue to be a dominant force in human progress in this century. Seems like a safe benefit since it’s also responsible for, well, pretty much everything. “A raft of researchers, detecting the first hints that LLMs […]

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How to be a better parent.

I listened to this podcast at 1.5x so it was about 30 minutes. Dr. Shefali is promoting her new book and her theory of conscious parenting. One idea that I put into practice right away (see photo caption above) is […]

better doing

Urgency doesn’t exist.

“The first and most obvious sense in which urgency isn’t what it seems is that virtually none of the things that generate that knot-in-the-stomach feeling are the matters of life-or-death we tend to assume. By the strictest definition of the […]

better doing

Hemingway’s warning about habits.

I just learned the phrase “gradually, then suddenly” was coined by the famous author of The Sun Also Rises. It’s the response to one character asking another “How did you go bankrupt?” ~ learn more

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What is ChatGPT doing and why does it work?

Written by Stephen Wolfram, this is a technical explanation about how ChatGPT and Large Language Models work. He builds up from the ground floor, providing simplified mathematical examples that are somewhat approachable to regular people. But it is Stephen Wolfram, who is […]