oh, chicago

Faster trains are the only hope for Blue Line

The train line through my neighborhood (connecting downtown to O’Hare) is notoriously crowded these days. Everyone complains, but there’s no easy fix. There isn’t enough electricity to power more trains, and the curved tracks prevent them from adding more cars […]

on the blockchain

PayPal freezes payments to Pornhub models

In a perfect example of “yeah, that’s what crypto is for”, a payments provider has single-handedly decided to stop supporting about 100k performers who were being paid by Pornhub. PayPal has never been the friendliest of organizations to work with […]

under the microscope

Injectable electrodes: injectrodes

“Although conditions such as epilepsy can be treated via nerve-stimulating electrodes, those electrodes are stiff, costly and require surgery to implant. Scientists have now created an alternative, however, in the form of soft, injectable electrodes.” | learn more