on the blockchain

Jump Trading no longer wants to be secretive.

“Jump Trading was once called one of Wall Street’s most secretive high-speed trading firms. But now, Jump is going fully public with its crypto operation and wants the community to know it is keen on being a vocal and transparent contributor […]

thoughts of food

Farewell San Francisco sourdough?

“San Francisco sour­dough was so special that when the domi­nant lactic acid bac­terium present in its star­ters was iden­tified, it was named Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis (re­cently re-named Fructilactobacillus sanfranciscensis).” | learn more

retail therapy

Casper cuts its CMO, CTO and COO amid further layoffs.

Retail is a tough business as competition is always just around the corner. There’s not a ton of strategic or market detail in this article. Instead, there’s entertaining and unfounded speculation from a “founder in the direct-to-consumer space” that Apple’s […]

to your health

The new science on how we burn calories.

“Last month, however, a paper published in Science by Pontzer and more than 80 co-authors revealed that much of what we thought we knew about metabolism was wrong. Using previously collected data from more than 6,400 subjects who ranged in […]