China and the race for AI dominance. 

Here’s an interesting perspective from Wired UK that’s heavy on quotes from Kai-Fu Lee, one of the most famous technologists in China (he’s been an exec at Apple, Microsoft and Google). The author thinks China will win the global race. I think the jury’s still out. learn more

Graffiti removal team takes down 10 year old mural. 

We’ve had graffiti on our garage a few times, and the city service that removes it is very helpful. This time, it looks like their authority was abused because a supervisor simply “didn’t like” a mural by Hebru Brantley in Wicker Park. The artist is quite zen about the whole thing, though: “That is the nature of street art”. learn more

Tumor-killing cells with on-demand self-destruct. 

Scientists engineered tumor cells to secrete a molecule that causes death of the main tumor they came from, but not the engineered cells. Then, they triggered self-destruct of the engineered cells with a targeted drug. “The authors then tested the efficacy and safety of this method in mouse models of primary, recurrent, and metastatic tumors.” The link is to the raw publication in Science Translational Medicine. learn more

Double loop learning. 

Farnam Street once again teaches us how to learn. I don’t like the name of this, but I do like the concept. “Double loop learning is about data-backed experimentation, not aimless tinkering. If a new idea doesn’t work, it’s time to try something else.” learn more

The state of AI 2018. 

These 156 slides by VC Nathan Benaich and Songkick founder Ian Hogarth will get you up to speed on state of the art in artificial intelligence. “Consider this report as a compilation of the most interesting things we’ve seen that seeks to trigger informed conversation about the state of AI and its implication for the future.” learn more