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Vibe shift and costly signaling.

The article starts out by showcasing the “vibe shift” that web design went through circa 2015. Whereas before photography was front and center, after the shift illustrations became more popular. The author’s theory is that free high-quality photography became available, […]

tech, startups, internet

Refactoring restaurants.

Byrne Hobart shares how a business model by startup Local Kitchens might, “mean that the minimum viable restaurant location is a lot smaller than it used to be, and that small, beloved establishments that were too undercapitalized to expand can […]

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Property tax sticker shock.

Here’s something I can relate to. “If you’ve recently received your property appraisal and your response is, “Holy @$%—this is nuts!” you’re not alone in your expletive-filled reaction.” | learn more

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The economics and history of hole-in-one insurance.

“Though the concept [of a golfer picking up everyone’s bar tab after nailing a hole-in-one] largely faded away in the US, it became a big business in Japan, where golfers who landed a hole-in-one were expected to throw parties “comparable […]

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The dubious art of the dad joke.

“Take the worst joke known to humanity and surely somehow, somewhere out there in the world, some dad will be telling it as if it’s the funniest thing in the world to a long-suffering audience.” | learn more

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Embedded education.

“Learning no longer lives on an individual platform. Rather, learning happens everywhere. We’re entering a new age of “Embedded Education.” | learn more