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A return to the DIY economy

Data gathered by Starting Line VC from consumer surveys points to a shift away from, “American families’ reliance on the service economy as they became forced to adapt to the reality of fending for themselves while sheltering in place – […]

tech, startups, internet

Not even wrong: ways to predict tech

Benedict Evans discusses prediction-making, touching on the subject near and dear to science: falsification. His point is that, “that a theory might be right or wrong, but first it has to rise to the level of being a theory at […]

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The death of a scapegoat

There was a flood in the loop in 1992. Then-mayor Richard Daley acted quickly to blame and fire someone. So, he fired the only guy who was actually trying to solve the problem, blaming him for acting too slowly. That […]

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A sex doll scandal for a South Korean soccer club

Since the stadium had no fans they decided to use mannequins to fill the stands. I guess they subcontracted the job and didn’t get quite what they expected. “A top South Korean soccer club is apologizing after using sex dolls […]

fun facts

A high-tech shroom farm coming to Jamaica

Jamaica and the Netherlands are somehow the only two countries where magic mushrooms are legal. “A Canadian startup called Anahit Therapeutics is trying to get ahead of the psilocybin legalization curve by building cultivation facilities in Jamaica.” | learn more

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Reddit launching ERC-20 tokens

Every little bit of adoption helps promote the ecosystem. “The Fortnight and cryptocurrency subreddits have over two million users that will be trialing this new points system. If it proves to be successful, this new feature could make its way […]

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Food delivery: so much intrigue and game theory

A few weeks ago I started subscribing to some twitter feeds via email (using mailbrew – referral link). It’s already proven valuable thanks to this series of tweets from Ezra Galston of Starting Line VC. He pulls together a lot of […]