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Spaced repetition memory tips.

“The single biggest change is that memory is no longer a haphazard event, to be left to chance. Rather, I can guarantee I will remember something, with minimal effort: it makes memory a _choice_.” ~ learn more

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Standard issue AI.

“Small-language models are coming. The consensus within the data ecosystem is that many will start with more expensive large-language models which are robust to many types of questions, but perhaps too expensive to run for most applications at scale.” ~ learn more

oh, chicago

One of the first post-ban ADUs in Chicago.

“Created by Via Chicago Architects × Diseñadores and interior designer Anne Rezac, the coach house is one of the first to be built under Chicago’s ADU ordinance, which officials say intends to expand housing access by increasing the stock of […]

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I hope the browser wars are starting again.

You almost certainly either use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. A newer entrant called The Browser Company seems to be gaining ground with their Arc Browser. Some of my mac-wielding friends love it. This is their 15 minute video promoting their […]

fun facts

A banking perspective on the check-cashing business.

This is a thorough commentary about the industry that charges relatively high fees for check-cashing in a world where the market price for a checking account is zero. If you ever thought to yourself “how could this be?” you’ll be […]

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Your internet is never safe.

Consider this your friendly reminder to stop reusing passwords. “The supermassive leak contains data from numerous previous breaches, comprising an astounding 12 terabytes of information, spanning over a mind-boggling 26 billion records. The leak, which contains LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo, Tencent, […]

on the blockchain

2023 crypto developer report.

One of the lines of thinking I’ve embraced in the past was that when thousands of smart engineers work at something, magical things can happen. That remains true. “While developers overall are down 24%, the most valuable segment of developers […]

on the blockchain

Going post-crypto.

It’s not all sunshine and sparkles. “You can go down the rabbit hole into crypto. This is a post about getting out.” ~ learn more