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Hero rogue painter renames park

“After years of asking the Park District to rename Douglas Park to [Frederick Douglass Park] no avail, someone took matters into their own hands.” The park is formally named after Stephen Douglas, a civil war era Illinois Senator on the […]

fun facts

Eunoia: words that don’t translate

If you know multiple languages, chances are you’re familiar with words that just don’t translate easily from one to the other. This website catalogs 500+ untranslatable words from 70+ languages and it’s mechaye (Yiddish). | learn more

staying thirsty

The merchants of thirst

A sad, eye-opening and powerful story about the many cities that can’t supply running water to their people, creating an opening for oft-unscrupulous private tanker operators. | learn more

under the microscope

Time for the human screenome project

“To understand how people use digital media, researchers need to move beyond screen time and capture everything we do and see on our screens.” Probably true, but yikes! Also, fun play on the name of the Human Genome Project. | learn more