fun facts

The hidden complexity of wishes

“There are three kinds of genies: Genies to whom you can safely say “I wish for you to do what I should wish for”; genies for which no wish is safe; and genies that aren’t very powerful or intelligent.“ | learn more

fun facts

Short guide to Iraq

Written in 1943 for distribution to US troops by the War and Navy Departments in Washington, DC. “YOU HAVE been ordered to Iraq (i – RAHK) as part of the world-wide offensive to beat Hitler.” | learn more

fun facts

Higher than the shoulders of giants

Something happened in the early 1970s that led to dozens of unexplained trends. Many blame the US dropping the gold standard. This author blames a different policy that Nixon signed into law. This is a fascinating read. “New drugs lead to scientific […]

on the blockchain

From winner take all to win and help win.

This is the first article I’ve read that is hosted on the decentralized web and was auctioned as an NFT with the proceeds automatically and transparently shared with authors, contributors, and others. And that’s what it’s about: “Web3 technologies that […]

big ideas

Why you’re Christian.

An essay by David Perell where he argues that a belief in God underpins everyone’s basis for human rights. Though he’s an atheist, his commitment to human rights means he’s, “implicitly committed to Christian ideas—or at the very least, a […]

big ideas

How should we do drugs now?

Michael Pollan suggests we’ll need a cultural framework to guide our nation’s relationship with drugs now that “just say no” is no longer our guiding principle. He points to the many indigenous cultures that have used ritual to keep useful […]

under the microscope

A list of exaggerated psychological phenomena

“A medical reversal is when an existing treatment is found to actually be useless or harmful. Psychology has in recent years been racking up reversals: in fact only 40-65% of its classic social results were replicated, in the weakest sense […]

retail therapy

The illusion of the millennial aesthetic

“By all appearances, Great Jones was a startup success story. Launched by the childhood friends Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis in 2018, the direct-to-consumer kitchenware line positioned itself as a hipper, more affordable update to legacy brands such as Le […]