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Chinese AR startup Rokid’s smart glasses

The company’s first generation product came with a temperature-detecting feature that let wearers measure across groups of people. The new version will do even more. Reading this reminded me to check in on Google Glass, which is still alive and kicking […]

tech, startups, internet

Tech and the new normal

From Ben Evans: “This June, I updated my macro trends deck, with a condensed version of where we were in January and some thoughts on where we are in June: forced experimentation and years of progress in weeks.” | learn more

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Chicago’s second scooter pilot starts soon

“The pilot launches Aug. 12 and will include vendors Lime, Bird and Spin, according to an announcement from the Chicago Department of Transportation. The pilot, which ends in mid-December, will have four times as many scooters as last year’s program […]

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Emoji use in the new normal

“😂 Face with Tears of Joy remains the most used emoji on Twitter” and “🥺 Pleading Face is experiencing surging popularity.” Emojipedia analyzed over 68 million tweets across 2018-2020. | learn more

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How to outrun a dinosaur

“If, through some scientific malfunction, you found yourself transported 70 million years into the past, you might be safer from certain hungry reptiles than you think.” I found this link in Explore & Observe, a cool email newsletter about modern day […]

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A history of rockets, with pictures

This is a neat summary from NASA highlighting the developments in rocketry since its birth circa 400 BC. “The mighty space rockets of today are the result of more than 2,000 years of invention, experimentation, and discovery.” | learn more