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Roam’s road ahead

The note-taking software with just over $1 million in revenue just raised money at a valuation that raised many eyebrows. “How the tool for networked thought can grow into its $200m valuation.” | learn more

tech, startups, internet

Peter Thiel on progress and stagnation

Peter Thiel is an outsized character even by Silicon Valley standards. He believes we’re in an era of technological stagnation. “This document consists only of direct quotes from Thiel, lightly edited for clarity (except for headings and where marked otherwise).” | learn […]

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Private rail car between NYC and Chicago

I investigated private rail options for travel during Covid-19. I quickly learned that there’s mostly no such thing anymore, but one company did offer it as a special back in 2007. The price? About as much as a private jet […]

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The peppered moth

Contrary to popular belief, evolution doesn’t necessarily happen over millions of years. Evolution has two components: random mutation and natural selection. Speedy changes in environment can drive quick outcomes via natural selection. The story of the peppered moth is instructive. | learn […]