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How Anjali Sud reinvented Vimeo

“Now, you probably think of Vimeo as a smaller competitor to YouTube — the company’s been around for 16 years, and that’s what it was for most of that time. But when Anjali took over as CEO, she stopped all […]

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Millennials aren’t poorer than previous generations

Of dollars and data takes up the question of my generation’s wealth. “Using the same Federal Reserve data cited in the articles above, we can see that Millennials have roughly the same inflation-adjusted financial assets per capita as prior generations […]

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What’s an appetizing store?

“[T]ypically in reference to Jewish cuisine in New York City, particularly Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine, [an Appetizing store] is a store that sells “food that generally goes with bagels.” | learn more

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The cardiovascular secrets of giraffes

“Because of their height, giraffes require scarily high blood pressures — yet they escape the massive health problems that plague people with hypertension. Can clinicians learn from these animals?” | learn more