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AI and the big five.

To Stratechery’s Ben Thompson, “it seems clear … that this is a new epoch in technology.” So how might the giant tech companies of the last decade play a role in this new epoch? The premise here is that, “some […]

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Wheel running in the wild.

A lot of experiments with mice measure their running on wheels in their cages. Some had worried that the running was a symptom of captivity rather than a natural behavior, invalidating many experiments. So, between 2009 and 2013 researchers placed […]

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The industrial revolution’s many prerequisites.

“Consequently while we have many examples of the emergence of farming and from there the development of complex agrarian economies, we really only have one ‘pristine’ example of an industrial revolution.” ~ learn more

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Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation gets to work.

“Controversial anti-aging proponent Aubrey de Grey has started a new “Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation,” and is kicking off its first experiment, using a combination of therapies in an effort to radically extend the lives of middle-aged mice.” ~ learn more

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Gokul Rajaram, whose LinkedIn profile shows him as “Product and Business Helper” at Doordash, advises CEOs at the earliest stages of companies to hold the line on titles. Oh, he’s also a Board Member at Pinterest and Coinbase and a […]