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A ChatGPT MD success story.

After several years of failed diagnoses for a young boy, his mother turned to the AI chat app. ChatGPT suggested a diagnosis of an extremely rare condition, which she took to a specialist who promptly validated it. Imagine how much […]

oh, chicago

Why Chicago is losing the war on rats.

Be warned: cringy stories within. “An investigation by the Illinois Answers Project and Block Club Chicago shows that since the beginning of the pandemic, record rat complaints have overwhelmed city services. The city’s resources are stretched thin, and so many […]

fun facts

Coffee-making equipment meets industrial CT scanner.

They begin with the Moka Express, designed in 1933. “Until the 20th century, coffee was primarily enjoyed in coffee shops. That all changed when Alfonso Bialetti invented the Moka Express in 1933, inspired by a washing machine his wife used […]

fun facts

The moment when the ATM finally made sense.

“Selling people on the idea of a machine that spits out money was obviously not easy. But then a freak weather event happened, and everything began to click.” This is a neat story of how ATMs came to be. ~ learn more

on the blockchain

Scammers keep on scamming.

These folks are playing a long game. “The scammers then create a transaction that mimics legitimate transactions from the wallet address prefix to the number of tokens sent to the address. This makes it look like their target has been […]

big ideas

How to produce green hydrogen for $1/kg.

I’m really excited that we were able to join an investment syndicate into this company. “At Terraform Industries we believe in a future where energy is universally cheap, clean, and abundant. We’re developing a scalable electrolyzer to deliver the cheapest […]

under the microscope

Quantum computer put to a real use.

If anyone can explain how this works to me I’d appreciate it. “Using our quantum computer, we built a system that allowed us to slow down the chemical dynamics from femtoseconds to milliseconds. This allowed us to make meaningful observations […]

retail therapy

What happens to all the stuff we return?

Here’s a well-researched piece about the reverse logistics industry. “A century ago, the average return rate at Penney’s was probably something like two per cent; before Internet shopping truly took hold, retail returns had risen to more like eight or […]