fun facts

52 things learned in 2020

This is such a great list of fun facts that I refuse to dilute it with additional fun facts this week. I guarantee you will learn something by clicking. | learn more

on the blockchain

Playing the Bitcoin long game

“At Unchained Capital, we are building a platform for individuals and businesses storing long-term wealth in bitcoin that demand private key ownership. To us, private key ownership is not an ideology; it is a security principle.” | learn more

on the blockchain

ShapeShift says goodbye to KYC

“Today, ShapeShift is announcing that it has integrated decentralized exchange protocols and is sunsetting its 6+ year business of trading with customers. Because of this fundamental change to our business model, ShapeShift’s users no longer need to provide personally identifying […]

retail therapy

Marc Lore steps down as Walmart’s head of e-commerce

This began as the most expensive acquihire ($3.3 billion for I’ve ever seen and appears to have ended successfully. He’s leaving them in great shape as a credible competitor online. “Walmart CEO Doug McMillon credited Lore in a companywide […]

better doing

Avoiding the nirvana fallacy

“We know today much more than we knew one hundred years ago. It seems reasonable to expect that in another hundred years, today’s level of knowledge will seem low. If we look at all of the past beliefs that today […]