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The rise of many in consumer fintech.

Three partners at venture capital firm a16z explain their view that fintech is going to get very fragmented as brands develop around niche audiences that aren’t constrained by geography. “What will differentiate these products in the long-run will be the […]

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The can that always can — the history of WD-40.

“After forty attempts to create the formula, they famously came up with the right one on their 40th attempt. The name WD-40 stands for water displacement, formula 40. It’s first application came as a coating for the Atlas missiles made […]

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How a Jefferson dinner works.

 “You must have a single conversation. You talk to the whole table and the whole table listens. The whole time. That’s 8 to 14 brains on one topic. It’s powerful and unique.” | learn more

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Bitcoin barber shop in El Salvador.

“El Salvador was the first country to make bitcoin legal tender and bitcoin became a popular payment method, partially because many of the Salvadorans who [Lily] saw for hair cuts found it easy to use.” | learn more

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ENS lit a spark.

“It feels like money was invented out of thin air. Or, maybe the value was sitting there all along, and it’s no different than a high-priced technology company IPO on the Nasdaq with instant liquidity. Maybe this is what it […]

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Five mysteries the Standard Model can’t explain.

“It is the most rigorous theory of particle physics, incredibly precise and accurate in its predictions. … Despite its great predictive power, however, the Standard Model fails to answer five crucial questions, which is why particle physicists know their work […]