fun facts

Crooks’ mistaken bet on encrypted phones.

“Hardened phones were ingenious, but these networks had some inherent security flaws: the clustering of a criminal clientele made them a tempting target for police officers in many countries. It was as if all the villains had holed up in […]

fun facts

When civilization collapsed.

A video: “In the 12th century BCE the great Bronze Age civilizations of the Mediterranean—all of them—suddenly fell apart. Their empires evaporated, their cities emptied out, their technologies disappeared, and famine ruled. Mycenae, Minos, Assyria, Hittites, Canaan, Cyprus—all gone. Even […]

big ideas

Stripe CEO interviews OpenAI CEO.

Patrick Collison fires question after question at Sam Altman, and gets pretty thoughtful answers in return. One interesting fact: ChatGPT is really the only AI product that Altman uses. And his most common use case is summarization. They also get […]

under the microscope

Entire ant colonies play dead.

“Researchers at the University of South Australia (UniSA) were investigating nesting boxes for wild animals on Kangaroo Island, when they came across a box full of dead ants. They didn’t think much of it, until one amateur flubbed its lines […]

retail therapy

The end of barcodes?

This has the support of GS1, the nonprofit that runs the barcode world. “In a worldwide initiative called Sunrise 2027, the entire retail industry will sunset 12-digit barcodes and use a 2D web-enabled version going forward. The new 2D barcodes […]