fun facts

The lucrative world of financial domination

“The concept is simple, even if the allure is not immediately self-evident: “finsubs” (short for “financial submissives”) send monetary “tributes” to a financial dominatrix, who could be any gender, in exchange for being humiliated and degraded.” | learn more

fun facts

The last prank before PR ruined everything

“Exactly 25 years ago today, some Microsoft coworkers and I launched a complex and costly prank. We printed up hundreds of realistic shrink-wrapped boxes of a fake product, “Microsoft Coffee”, and snuck it into stores all around the greater Seattle […]

big ideas

Aircraft carriers take to the air

“Like medieval castles in the age of the cannon, technological advance threatens to make [aircraft carriers] redundant. Satellites and over-the-horizon radars mean pinpointing their locations is easier. And a single well-aimed, well-armed missile may be enough to render a carrier […]

to your health

Chiropractors are bullshit?

I added the question mark – the author, Yvette d’Entremont aka SciBabe, is far more certain. “You shouldn’t trust them with your spine or any other part of your body.” I’m open to hearing contradictory data if any reader wants […]