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Liquid venture capital.

I read this with great delight. This author managed to model private market venture returns using only public market stocks. The point he makes is that the underlying driver of the returns is innovation, and there’s plenty of that to […]

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The last man standing in the floppy disk business.

“Tom Persky is the self-proclaimed “last man standing in the floppy disk business.” He is the time-honored founder of, a US-based company dedicated to the selling and recycling of floppy disks.” | learn more

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Unisex names in the US.

A visual ranking of the top 50 names that have at least 25% share for each gender. Data from 1922 – 2021. Each name has charts showing volume over time, as well as gender distribution over time. It’s interesting to […]

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How does a cell know that it’s supposed to build an arm?

This is an absolutely mind-blowing presentation by Michael Levin. “Our lab studies the way in which all cells, not just neurons, communicate as electrical networks that enable scaling of single-cell properties into collective intelligences that solve problems in anatomical feature […]

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Why is US life expectancy dropping?

“The United States is in a league of its own. There is no other wealthy country in the world that has a life expectancy below 80 years old, nor is there another wealthy country that has a health expenditure per […]