oh, chicago

Chicago bricks are pretty cool

“Meet the Guy Behind the Facade of Instagram’s @BrickofChicago. Once you’ve seen brick through Will Quam’s eyes, Chicago will never look the same.” | learn more

fun facts

The longest case of hiccups ever

“The longest recorded case in medical history can be credited to one Charles Osborne, a farmer who continuously hiccuped for 68 years.” | learn more

fun facts

150 years of Nature papers

“Science is a network, each paper linking those that came before with those that followed. In an exclusive analysis, researchers have delved into Nature’s part of that network. We explore their results, taking you on a tour of 150 years […]

fun facts

Bikes masquerading as TVs

A bike manufacturer tried everything to lower shipping damage of their product, and nothing did the trick until they started making their boxes look like TVs. “Here’s how that one tiny decision made a huge impact.” | learn more

big ideas

Open borders are immigration’s best fix

“The world’s nations, especially the world’s richest nations, are missing an enormous chance to do well while doing good. The name of this massive missed opportunity—and the name of my book on the topic—is “open borders.” | learn more