How accurate is carbon dating?

I was reading something that relied on carbon dating estimates, and I decided to check how accurate the dating process is. Spoiler: it’s pretty accurate. But last year, a discovery called into question its usefulness for dating within the span of a few decades. learn more

Bill Gates wants to talk about soil

“Nearly a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. Bill Gates highlights several companies who are developing creative solutions to fight climate change caused by agriculture.” Included in his list is Cambridge Crops, which I have the good fortune to be a tiny investor in. learn more

Drinkable retinol is here

The brand Dirty Lemon has made a drink that includes retinol, “a super-potent, typically topical skin-care ingredient revered for its ability to prevent and correct wrinkles, pimples and hyperpigmentation.” And interestingly, dermatologists aren’t calling BS on it. learn more