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Walmart and Shopify team up

Walmart’s had an online marketplace since 2009, though it’s always fallen short of Amazon’s in scale. Now they’re teaming up with Shopify to bring more sellers and more products to the platform. It’s also a reflection of (I think) philosophical […]

better doing

When safety proves dangerous

Farnam Street discusses risk compensation, like driving faster because we strap on our seat belts. “Understanding how it affects our behavior can help us make the best possible decisions in an uncertain world.” | learn more

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Venture capital patterns and mental models

This is basically cliff’s notes for venture capital. “Venture Patterns catalogs the best of what other startups and venture capitalists have figured out. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Since there are recurring patterns in how to build and run startups and […]

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Covid-19 superspreading events database

“Superspreading Events (SSEs) are events where multiple people —a minimum of 5, for example — get infected with the novel coronavirus.” Highlight: 220 people in Germany sick after, “4-hour-event. Live music, ritualized kissing.” This is a database of information about […]

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Software finally solving for colorblind users

Coworkers generally find out I’m colorblind the first time they put a color-coded spreadsheet or graph in front me. Right after that, we play the “what color is this?” game until I lose enough times to prove I’m colorblind. The […]