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What the 2020s have in store for aging Boomers

“I asked a dozen experts to identify important trends. Some responses were aspirational, reflecting what they’d like to see happen. Some were sobering, reflecting a harsh reality: Our nation isn’t prepared for this vast demographic shift and its far-reaching consequences.” | learn […]

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Rules to a less complicated life

Lou Holtz, a former football player and coach, uses his humor to give a speech about his philosophy and the simple life rules he uses to live a happy life. | learn more

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Why I never hire brilliant men

This is a story (possibly apocryphal) from 1924. Even a hundred years ago it was clear that ‘fit’ between a business and its people is critical. “Moreover, this is a plodding kind of business, where the money is made by […]

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The lesson to unlearn

A new essay by Paul Graham talks about a lesson we all learn in school that does a poor job preparing us for life. We learn to score well on tests that aren’t actually representative of knowledge. “If tests truly […]

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The day big oil was broken

I have mentioned the case of Standard Oil a few times in the past year when the topic of Amazon’s antitrust risks came up. Right after the U.S. government broke Standard Oil into 34 companies, the shareholders (Rockefeller the largest […]

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What’s happened to Equifax since the breach?

Imagine a business that’s built on selling proprietary data about consumers. Then imagine that business gets hacked and a bunch of that data gets leaked on the internet. You might imagine that customers would leave, consumer lawsuits would erode profits, […]