under the microscope

A new rubber-like material to replace human tissue

The researchers think it could work well as a cartilage replacement for joints. “The results showed that the new rubber-like material may be appropriate for many applications that require an uncommon combination of properties—high elasticity, easy processability, and suitability for medical […]

under the microscope

A new technique to remodel the gut microbiome

Peptides! “Instead of trying to kill harmful bacteria, or transplant beneficial bacteria, this hypothesis imagines remodeling, or reconstructing, a dysfunctional microbiome into a healthy one by using highly targeted peptides that can affect a broad number of different bacteria in […]

retail therapy

The direct-to-consumer playbook is a trap

“It goes without saying that I’m bearish on DNVBs as a whole. As a whole, the industry tends to rely upon left-brain operators with systems and definite plans. But, I’m bullish on the challenger brands who’ve figured out that winning […]

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What’s the point of a primary care doctor?

“They seem to exist entirely to funnel patients to more expensive specialists — but it may be the consumer, not the healthcare industry, who’s really to blame for this, and we’re suffering as a result.” | learn more

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The founder’s guide to markets

Markets matter for startups, so founders should pick great ones! “Problem is, there are no clear frameworks to figure out what a great market is. Traditional advice is to target markets that are large and/or growing fast. That’s vague. So, […]