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Why don’t multivitamins work better?

“The majority of multivitamin meta-analyses haven’t found benefit, for uses ranging from cognition in cognitively healthy people to prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease. This might be hard for you to believe. Vitamins have a sheen of efficacy powered by […]

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Scale, the Big-O problem.

One of the problems I’ve had growing up in the small business world is underestimating the impact of scale. For example, when I ran eComfort, we mostly only needed one server to host our website. My lack of experience led […]

better doing

Less is more.

On podcast Hidden Brain, Niro Sivanathan of the London Business School talks about how to make a convincing argument. If you have several points in support of your argument, it’s best to ignore the weakest ones. Instead of adding to […]

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SpaceX’s approach to exponential growth.

VP of Launch Kiko Dontchev captures attention with a scrolling timeline depicting SpaceX’s launches since inception 13 years ago. The 100x ramp from rare to really really frequent launches is awesome. Watch this video for stories about how their “first […]

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Startup studios

This is by far the most complete collection of research into the venture studio model that I’ve seen. You’ll have to give up your email address for access and I think that’s a worthwhile trade. ~ learn more

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What’s a hell strip?

It’s the strip of land between the sidewalk and the street that’s notoriously hard to grow plants in. ~ learn more

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Beer goggles may be a myth, but liquid courage isn’t.

“A new study that investigated the effect that drinking alcohol has on men’s perceptions of attractiveness may have disproven one well-known drinking-related phenomenon while providing supporting evidence for another.” ~ learn more

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Diamonds don’t hold their value forever.

“De Beers has cut prices in the category by more than 40% in the past year…The impact on De Beers was clear…first half profits plunged more than 60% to just $347 million, with its average selling price falling from $213 […]