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Cathie Wood and content strategy

This is a fascinating perspective on content marketing by Ranjan Roy from Margins. “For those unfamiliar, Cathie Wood runs a portfolio of ETFs. The flagship and most famous one is the ARK Innovation ETF (ARKK).” | learn more

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A feminist glance at films

Found on Observable, a site that “allows you to do collaborative data analysis, and publish in one place.” This is an analysis by two university students. “We decided to look at two different feminist tests for films: the Bechdel (which […]

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The long, sweaty history of working out

This author made me laugh multiple times throughout the article. “In the two million or so years we’ve been knocking about, it’s only fairly recently that we’ve had the time and understanding necessary to think about our bodies — back […]

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First versions

This site’s tagline is “Everything had a first version: here you can find it!” Link to the page for Youtube’s first version. | learn more

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What is sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)?

“It’s produced from sustainable feedstocks and is very similar in its chemistry to traditional fossil jet fuel. Using SAF results in a reduction in carbon emissions compared to the traditional jet fuel it replaces over the lifecycle of the fuel.” […]