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Goldman Sachs tries retail banking

It hasn’t been a tremendous win quite yet… “With its core businesses on the wane, Goldman has staked its future on consumer banking. So far it has lost $1.3 billion—and its makeover is challenging the firm’s identity as a titan […]

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Which way do you run?

A new post by Ben Horowitz of a16z. I love that he always starts his posts with rap lyrics. “The key differentiator between effective and ineffective CEOs is whether they run toward or away from major problems and challenges in […]

better doing

Daniel Kahneman: Putting your intuition on ice

The Nobel laureate spoke with Shane Parish (Farnam Street) and the conversation is juicy. One idea came through loud and clear: the master of behavioral economics thinks changing behavior is a long shot because avoiding cognitive biases is really really […]

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Returns to angel investing

Venture investor Jeff Carter tries to clear up the mistaken impression that “all the returns are blow out.” The post contains interesting data and references some studies. | learn more

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Extreme names for your kids

Do you recall last year’s pop news featuring a child named Abcde (a bold parenting choice)? If you enjoyed that, you’ll love this short video. | learn more