under the microscope

Can certain foods really stave off dementia?

“Experts say that while nutrition studies are notoriously challenging to carry out, there is a compelling and ever-growing body of research that does suggest that some foods and diets may offer real benefits to an aging brain. So we spoke […]

retail therapy

Retail success depends on warehouses.

So, Amazon’s launched a new $1 billion fund to invest in warehouse tech. “The Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund will focus on new technologies that will “increase delivery speed and further improve the experience” of warehouse and logistics employees, Alex Ceballos […]

to your health

Is my drug copay coupon a form of charity or a bribe?

“Before my insurer had even preapproved coverage of the new injectable medicine my doctor had prescribed, I got a voicemail from its manufacturer informing me that I might qualify for its copay assistance program. That meant the company would cover […]

better doing

Marketing directory.

“A curated directory of top marketing, branding, and PR resources.” From Jack Randall, former head of communications at Robinhood. | learn more

fun facts

What artists notice.

“Painters at work notice details we’d ignore. From those details they develop delightful insights into reality.” | learn more

fun facts

Rapping Rabbi.

An excellent musical treat for those who like Jewish things. “LChaim by Ari Lesser – Zoltronic” | learn more

fun facts

What’s a chuck?

Wikipedia: “A chuck is a specialized type of clamp used to hold an object with radial symmetry, especially a cylinder.” | learn more