Soyuz rocket launch failure forces emergency landing for crew. 

“A Russian Soyuz rocket carrying a new U.S.-Russian crew to the International Space Station failed during its ascent Thursday (Oct. 11), sending its crew capsule falling back toward Earth in a ballistic re-entry, NASA officials said.” Now seems like a good time to remember that SpaceX has become the market leader in launches, has had full success on 61 of 63 missions in the past 8 years, and has its first crewed mission planned for June 2019. learn more

What makes a dad joke? 

Like Neo in the Matrix woke up and realized he suddenly knew Kung Fu, on the day of my daughter’s birth I suddenly learned I had mastered punny dad jokes. This article digs into why they’re pervasive across many cultures. learn more

Admiral Nelson’s body was preserved in brandy. 

I learned this on a tour of London this weekend. During the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, the victorious Admiral took a sniper bullet to the shoulder and soon died. The ship’s surgeon William Beatty decided to preserve his body for the passage home in a barrel of brandy. Fun rumor: the ship’s crew got so drunk during the voyage they accidentally drank the brandy from the barrel containing the body. learn more

Sludge – investigative journalism about money in politics. 

I recently discovered this newsroom that runs on the same platform as Block Club Chicago. “We look beyond public records and disclosures to reveal the hidden networks and conflicts of interest that drive systemic corruption.” I love it! The link is to an example of their work that calls out a Florida Congressman for violating ethics rules. learn more