How accurate is carbon dating?

I was reading something that relied on carbon dating estimates, and I decided to check how accurate the dating process is. Spoiler: it’s pretty accurate. But last year, a discovery called into question its usefulness for dating within the span of a few decades. learn more

Custom clothes for dolls.

As the saying goes, “now I’ve seen everything.” We met this lady on the street taking model-style photos of a doll. We learned that she makes and sells these intricate items of doll clothing all over the world. Her brand is called Dollsydoll. learn more

A day in the life: women and men.

Data geeks, be sure to check this out! “Using the past couple of years of data from the American Time Use Survey, I simulated a working day for men and women to see how schedules differ. Below shows the results. Each dot represents a person, where cyan represents women and orange represents men.” learn more