Why you should pay attention to tokenized assets. 

Reza Jafery explains why he believes, “Tokenized Assets and Security Token Offerings will spark adoption and legitimize the space.” I happen to think there’s something beautiful about the idea of fractionalized, tokenized & tradable assets, but I still have questions. If you’re interested in this too, talk to me about my monthly blockchain breakfast! learn more

0x + Harbor partner to tokenize real-world assets. 

I’ve grown more bullish in recent months on the real benefit of tokenizing all sorts of assets that are illiquid today. Imagine being able to easily buy/sell a stake in the apartment building you live in or any other asset where you might have specific and unique knowledge. I’m not suggesting a free-for-all on letting everyone invest in everything (yet), but I love the idea of at the very least creating liquidity for assets that have governance and income streams. This partnership seems to bring that reality closer by allowing tokens to also maintain regulatory compliance for issuance and transfer. |learn more

About the NYAG’s crypto report. 

Messari’s Katherine Wu wrote a great commentary about the New York Attorney General’s recent report on crypto exchanges. “The NYAG report on crypto trading platforms is the most comprehensive investigation released to date by a regulator. It contains a wealth of information. But to understand it, you need some context.” learn more

Andy Warhol painting tokenized and sold on blockchain. 

How interesting! The painting’s ownership has been fractionalized and tokenized, allowing partial interest to be bought via smart contract. The contract was powered by the blockchain platform Maecenas. “Approximately US$1.7 million was raised in the cryptocurrency auction for a 31.5% stake of the artwork whose total valuation was US$5.6 million.” learn more

The crypto commons.

Commons are a shared resource for use by multiple people. Individuals’ rational actions often end up destroying the resource (you may have heard this phrase: “the tragedy of the commons”). Can we create a scalable governance model for commons with blockchain? If so, what could that do to unlock economic growth? Mike Maples, Jr. from Floodgate Fund explains. learn more