Interview with Chris Dixon. 

The a16z partner who led early investments into Ripple, Coinbase and other leading crypto companies shares his views in this interview with columnist Kevin Maney. | learn more

About the NYAG’s crypto report. 

Messari’s Katherine Wu wrote a great commentary about the New York Attorney General’s recent report on crypto exchanges. “The NYAG report on crypto trading platforms is the most comprehensive investigation released to date by a…

Someone won the Fomo3D prize! 

This is my 3rd, and final, post about this blockchain game. Someone managed to win the prize (worth about $3MM) that was thought to be unwinnable with some clever strategy and a careful attack. SECBIT Labs…

Ether as a store of national security. 

Cuy Sheffield puts forward an interesting theory for why Ether might retain value long-term without becoming a “Store of Value”. With enough tokenized securities on the blockchain, its security becomes worthy of defense spending. | learn more

ETH report 2018.

“We’ve interviewed 100+ developers to showcase the biggest opportunities in the Ethereum ecosystem” | learn more