Principles of shaping

The fine folks at Basecamp have released a manual that teaches the world how they work. This page covers a topic they call shaping. It’s supremely interesting and especially relevant if you manage digital products, though I think it’s great even if you don’t. “When we shape the work, we need to do it at the right level of abstraction: not too vague and not too concrete. Product managers often err on one of these two extremes.” learn more

Learn like an athlete

A post from David Perell about learning (not sports). “When he entered the NBA, LeBron wasn’t a strong shooter. I’d bet the house that early in his career, LeBron built his off-season training regimen around his weak jump shot and disappointing 42% field goal percentage during his rookie season. As his Instagram posts reveal, LeBron worked for his strength, agility, impeccable history of injury avoidance, and an outstanding 54% field goal percentage during his 14th NBA season.” learn more

Knowledge, should you go wide or deep

An interview with author David Epstein about his findings from researching learning. Among other things, he blows up Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule. This is a podcast, though the page I’m linking to includes summary notes so you can get a gist of the content before committing. learn more