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Learnings from 30 years investing

He had me at “buy high, sell higher.” The author recently died, and the original website is gone, but this piece lives on via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. “Ask me a question back then and I would have answered […]

better doing

Telling the 800-lb gorilla to shove it up his ass

On competing with big companies. “Every founder frets about competition from a big company, me included. We scoff at their inability to innovate and for prioritizing shareholders over customers, but still we quiver in fear.” | learn more

better doing

Why am I so lucky?

“[W]henever I get a deal sent my way that is from out of town and seems amazing but seems almost too good to be true, my first thought is always, ‘Why am I so lucky?’” Just this week, this question […]

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Takeaways: What You Do is Who You Are

Author: Ben Horowitz “Your culture is how your company makes decisions when you’re not there.” Ben Horowitz is the best kind of “weird guy.” His father, David Horowitz, is a well-known conservative writer. Ben, meanwhile, opens chapters and essays with […]

better doing

Never say no, but rarely say yes

“So… how are you supposed to explore other ideas if you’re also supposed to be saying “no” to anything that diverges from The Plan? Here’s what I do: I never say “no.” But I carefully qualify “yes.”” | learn more