Infinity wells and deep work.

VC investor Tomasz Tunguz discusses these two separate but very related topics. Deep Work is about focusing without distraction. Infinity Wells devour your attention without end (like social media feeds). The more you know about the battle you’re fighting, the better prepared you are for it. learn more

What is an Integrator?

Last week I linked to an article that explained the role of a Visionary in entrepreneurial businesses. Here’s the second half of the story, because every Visionary needs a great Integrator who “is the glue for the organization, … holds the Leadership Team accountable, and is the steady force in the organization.” learn more

A monthly planning system.

Remember the lights spreadsheet I use for habit tracking? It’s made by Sebastian Marshall, the author of this post. He details his approach to monthly planning with real-life examples: “Every time the calendar rolls over, that’s a great opportunity to kickstart something you want to be doing, quit something you’ve been meaning to quit, start living in a slightly different way, or experimenting with something cool and interesting.” learn more

Building a legacy one simple product at a time.

Entrepreneurs, pay attention to this one. Ajay Goel is a serial founder in the email space. His businesses are bootstrapped and extremely profitable. His latest venture went from zero to $1MM+ ARR in almost no time. In this interview he shares the founding story of GMass, his approach to vetting ideas, and his method of building and launching products. learn more

The spacing effect

From Farnam Street: “We are not taught how to learn in school, we are taught how to pass tests. The spacing effect is a far more effective way to learn and retain information that works with our brain instead of against it. Find out how to use it here.” | learn more