The direct-to-consumer landscape. 

Teddy Citrin of Greycroft published this interesting analysis of the d2c landscape by product category, ranking barriers to entry, purchase frequency, average order value and more. Make sure to click-thru to the google doc. It’s about a year old but still very relevant. learn more

The Amazon rocket just keeps flying higher. 

“Amazon reported sales of $52.9 billion for the second quarter, up 39 percent from the year-ago period when it saw $38 billion. For the April quarter, retail rival Walmart grew sales by $5 billion year over year and brick-and-mortar retailer Target increased sales by just $764 million.” learn more

Guy Turner’s idea for eCommerce returns. 

It seems that every internet retailer that touches their own inventory has a problem: returns. Everybody hates dealing with them, but they’re a necessary component of the retail business. Guy Turner, partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners, offers an idea for a new business that might help, and he calls it eTurns. |learn more