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A Gen-Z VC’s take on the metaverse.

“As a 24-year-old “elder Gen Z,” I grew up playing Webkinz and Club Penguin in elementary school. Webkinz was a perfect representation of bridging the physical and digital worlds – you received a plush Webkinz toy for your birthday that […]

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On fast markups in ventureland.

“When I started in VC, markups were useful validation that a new fund knew what it was doing. But there was relatively less fixation on performance numbers early in a fund’s life. This seems to have changed. Why?” | learn more

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Chicago leads among heartland cities attracting VC

“America’s Mighty Middle Report, published by Crunchbase and Omaha-based Dundee Venture Capital, shows that over the last decade, Chicago leads the region’s VC funding at $15.2 billion, followed by Austin at $11.8 billion and Denver at $10.5 billion.” | learn more