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Chicago leads among heartland cities attracting VC

“America’s Mighty Middle Report, published by Crunchbase and Omaha-based Dundee Venture Capital, shows that over the last decade, Chicago leads the region’s VC funding at $15.2 billion, followed by Austin at $11.8 billion and Denver at $10.5 billion.” | learn more

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VC math. 

Investor Homan Yuen writes about the economics of venture capital funds, making the case for why most require $1B+ exits to make their funds work. This is an easy-to-understand overview of the subject. |learn more

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How to value cryptoassets. 

For all the talk I’ve heard about the value of a bitcoin or other crypto token, little of it has been rooted in economics. Enter Chris Burniske of Placeholder VC who provides a rational theory of economic value for cryptoassets. […]