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The power of diverse thinking.

“Success is no longer about individual talent, knowledge or skill. Success is about freeing ourselves from the blind spots that beset us all, and pooling our collective intelligence.” ~ learn more

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The rise and decline of thinking over feeling.

“In texts, … thinking words relating to technology and social organization (experiment, gravity, weigh, cost, contract) become more common between 1850 and approximately 1977 (beginning of the great stagnation) but since then thinking words have declined markedly and feeling words […]

better doing

Tyler Cowen: How I practice at what I do.

“A few of you were skeptical, but it is long since established that practice improves both your writing and your memory, so surely it can do much more than that for your thinking. Here is a partial list of some of […]

better doing

Your thinking rate is fixed

At first, I thought this article didn’t apply to me because I’m not trying to think faster. But Shane Parish makes the point that by focusing on speed I’m forced to make decisions faster and that’s the same thing as […]

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Can AI shift the laws of economics?

Rob May offers an interesting line of thinking. “The laws of economics aren’t fixed forever. As AI impacts society in many ways, and as AI makes more decisions for humans that we no longer make ourselves, it is very possible the […]

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Linear thinking in a nonlinear world. 

Humans are great at linear thinking, and we’re generally bad at nonlinear thinking. Unfortunately, many things in life are nonlinear. This excellent HBR article lays out the problem and tactics to address it with. | learn more