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Who counts as a doctor?

California’s new law says only physicians and surgeons can call themselves Dr. “Plaintiffs [who all hold Doctorate of Nursing (DNP) Practice degrees] claim state is criminalizing speaking the truth about their earned advanced degrees.” Meanwhile in California, nutritionist is not […]

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Can certain foods really stave off dementia?

“Experts say that while nutrition studies are notoriously challenging to carry out, there is a compelling and ever-growing body of research that does suggest that some foods and diets may offer real benefits to an aging brain. So we spoke […]

under the microscope

A controlled nutrition study across 10k people

I’d bet this x100 would drive some exceptional returns for the public health. “[The NIH] announced what it calls the largest study yet to probe “precision nutrition,” a $156 million, 5-year effort to examine how 10,000 Americans process foods by […]