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The magic of education

Professor Bryan Caplan of George Mason University’s economics department shares an alternative view on education. “I’ve been in school for the last 35 years – 21 years as a student, the rest as a professor. As a result, the Real World […]

teaching the kids

The future of education (bankruptcy).

Discussion of the link between education, finance and muni bonds. “I fear that the changes in store for higher education are going to look a lot like the painful changes we’ve seen in retail, travel, news, and entertainment.” | learn more

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Highlights from Mary Meeker’s 2019 Report

Every year venture capital all-star Mary Meeker releases a report with loads of data about the world going digital. I’ve decided to showcase my favorite slides and what I took away from them. Internet advertising is still growing, and it’s […]

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How to combat robocalls.

The good news is there’s a plan called STIR/SHAKEN. The bad news is it’s going to require tech changes at all the carriers across the world. I started reading this because I hate hate hate incoming phone calls these days. […]