FMT results in massive long-term reduction in autism symptoms

This is an early and non-controlled, but quite exciting, study from Arizona State University that points to the relationship between health and gut microbiome. FMT stands for Fecal Matter Transplant. “Prior to the study, 83 percent of participants had ‘severe’ autism. Now, only 17 percent are rated as severe, 39 percent as mild or moderate, and incredibly, 44 percent are below the cut-off for mild ASD.” Two years later, the children are doing even betterlearn more

New study shows drinking hot tea increases risk of esophageal cancer.

Link is to CNN, but this is from the actual study: “In analysis of the combined effects of measured temperature and amount, compared to those who drank less than 700 ml of tea/day at <60°C, drinking 700 mL/day or more at a higher‐temperature (≥60°C) was consistently associated with an about 90% increase in ESCC risk. Our results substantially strengthen the existing evidence supporting an association between hot beverage drinking and ESCC.” learn more