big ideas

Time to rethink human embryo research limits? 

In 1979, scientists in the US signed on to an international agreement that limits embryo research to 14 days. At the time, this was an arbitrary length of time that was mostly moot because embryos couldn’t survive that long in […]

thoughts of food

Missouri: lab-grown meat is not meat. 

“Missouri has become the first US state to pass a bill defining what products can and can’t be classified as ‘meat.’ The legislation prohibits plant-based products from using the term and also removes the possibility of lab-grown meat hitting the […]

retail therapy

Everything that’s wrong with Amazon Spark. 

“Launched by Amazon in early 2017, ‘Spark’ is an app-within-an-app that is intended to promote product discovery and social sharing within Amazon’s ecosystem. Never heard of it? You’re not alone.” | learn more

on the blockchain

The state of cryptocurrency mining. 

Some blockchain developers decided to build an ASIC miner. They wrote this long post explaining what they learned about building hardware, secret ASICs, ASIC-resistance in cryptocurrencies, and the future of mining. | learn more

fun facts

Interactive map shows 9 billion lightning strikes. 

“Every second on Earth, 100 lightning bolts strike the planet. That’s about 8 million strikes per day, and 3 billion a year, on average. But as this map of nearly 9 billion lightning strikes shows, lightning is not evenly distributed […]

on the blockchain

The principles of insurance. 

Etherisc is developing a platform for decentralized insurance applications. They recently published this post to introduce readers to risk pooling and its benefits. | learn more