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Zach Smolinski discusses Libra on WTTW

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced tough questions Wednesday from members of Congress about his social media platform’s digital currency project. We discuss the billionaire tech entrepreneur’s plans for Libra.” | learn more

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Three patent myths. 

Your fellow P.S. subscriber (and patent lawyer) Zach Smolinski cleared up some common misconceptions about patents. I arrogantly clicked the link thinking “hah, of course I’ll know all of this”. Then, I quickly tucked my tail between my legs and […]

on the blockchain

Who does the token serve? 

Attorney and blockchain enthusiast (and subscriber!) Zach Smolinski reminds us to think about tokens critically. Specifically, for whose benefit are they created? Read to the end for a fun analogy that I liked. | learn more

on the blockchain

Blockchain and the practice of law. 

I’m excited to share this podcast! It features Zach Smolinski & Christian Auty, both attorneys who are passionate and super knowledgeable about blockchain technology. It’s hosted by Chad Main of tech-enabled legal services firm Percipient. I’m happy to report that […]