fun facts

How big is YouTube?

Google won’t just tell you, so these curious sleuths decided to find out by randomly sampling URLs. They estimate there are 13.325 billion videos. “We can calculate the mean and median views per video, and show just how long the […]

retail therapy

Celebrity-led brands are the future of consumer products.

“You might dismiss as mere gimmicks products from YouTube stars like MrBeast and Logan Paul—think Feastables snacks and Prime energy drinks, respectively. But billionaire venture capitalist Marc Andreessen leans toward another view: that they represent the future of consumer-product relationships.” ~ learn […]

staying thirsty

Why is desalination so difficult?

“An overview of seawater desalination: removing salt to make drinkable water from the ocean.” This is a great video from the YouTube channel Practical Engineering. ~ learn more

better doing

You suck at Excel, with Joel Spolsky.

This private presentation to an audience of engineers is now available on Youtube and its great. Joel was a program manager on the Excel team in the early ‘90s. “The way you are using Excel causes errors, creates incomprehensible spaghetti […]

fun facts

How I knew a frog moved in next door.

There’s a construction project next to my home that’s currently a big hole in the ground. After some rain, it became a makeshift pond. Then a frog moved in. The frog made lots of loud noise all through the night. […]