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The web3 growth stack.

There’s an ecosystem of tools and platforms that enable today’s tech and consumer companies to drive growth. “These tools enable structured processes around user acquisition, measuring retention and engagement, and monitoring conversion and monetization — the bread and butter of […]

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Taking a long term view of web3.

Written by vc investors and Coinbase board members Katie Haun and Fred Wilson. “Web3 is a software-driven innovation that has a built-in financial system. This has been both a strength and a weakness.” | learn more


How do big creators think about Web3?

Ezra Cooperstein leads Night Media, a talent manager for internet creators like Mr. Beast and a bunch of other probably popular people I’ve never heard of. “I bet some of you have been thinking, ‘wow, I’m hearing a lot about […]

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Helium’s total revenue is $6.5k/month.

“Often cited as one of the best examples of a Web3 use case, [Helium] has received $365M of investment led by @a16z. Regular folks have also been convinced to spend $250M buying hotspot nodes, in hopes of earning passive income.” | learn more

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Reputation in Web3: ships built on the great flood.

“If anything, it seems like crypto has made the ‘old’ centralized social networks, especially Twitter, more central than ever. How many influencers have used their followers to make an easy leap into crypto sales? How many important projects have used […]

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Web3 marketing stack.

“There’s an entire marketing ecosystem for startups to build – and it will explode as all the venture dollars web3 startups have raised rushes to find new users.” | learn more

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Navigating the Urbit.

Messari profiles Urbit, “… a private, digital homestead for all-around Web3 usage; its peer-to-peer OS offers cloud and community-based services. It’s built from the ground up and runs on almost any phone, tablet, laptop—or anything with Unix and an internet […]