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Navigating the Urbit.

Messari profiles Urbit, “… a private, digital homestead for all-around Web3 usage; its peer-to-peer OS offers cloud and community-based services. It’s built from the ground up and runs on almost any phone, tablet, laptop—or anything with Unix and an internet […]

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Crypto kicks and the metaverse.

“Web3 and DTC are natural partners and Nike will be of the first major retailers to iterate around Web3 principles. It’s not just a new revenue stream: it’s community and status.” | learn more

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Tokens as CAC.

“Tokens are the paid customer acquisition channel of web3. By analyzing how web3 companies invest tokens, we can calculate the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) for a crypto company.” | learn more

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The next big thing in 2022.

“50 of technology’s top thinkers weigh in on the year ahead.” Loads of interesting ideas to consider here: inflation, the war for talent, decarbonization, and more! | learn more

on the blockchain

A primer to web3.

This is a great and approachable slide deck by Katie Chiou. It’s renewed my interest in DAOs (Digital Autonomous Organizations). If you are (or ever were) a member of DAO I’d love to hear from you. | learn more