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Do 100 million people in the U.S. live with medical debt?

That’s the headline, but their methodology is not totally convincing. What is apparent, though, is that the number is extremely high. “To calculate the true extent and burden of this debt, the KHN-NPR investigation draws on a nationwide poll conducted by KFF […]

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Why U.S. population growth is collapsing.

“Journalists are obsessed with the question of why Americans aren’t having more babies…. But it’s the other two factors—death and immigration—that are overwhelmingly responsible for the collapse in U.S. population growth.” Please give us more immigrants! | learn more

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Top entrepreneurial bio labs in the US.

“I have identified 160+ translational labs that already have started or might likely start a company based on their research. These bio labs are in the top clusters (Bay Area, San Diego, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and newly New Jersey […]

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The Russian Navy visits the United States (1863).

During the Civil War, Russia was the only European power that preferred the North. Largely for Russia’s benefit, they sailed ships to both San Francisco and New York. It was a show of support that helped the Union’s morale at […]

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Women’s pockets are inferior.

“There are few things more frustrating than collecting your belongings only to realize that the pockets in your pants are too small to hold them. Or worse, the fabric designed to look like a pocket is merely for decoration and […]

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Microsoft blog about recent cyberattacks

“The final weeks of a challenging year have proven even more difficult with the recent exposure of the world’s latest serious nation-state cyberattack. This latest cyber-assault is effectively an attack on the United States and its government and other critical […]