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The North Face gets social media.

“The North Face pulled an elaborate marketing stunt on TikTok and delivered some rain gear via helicopter to a woman in New Zealand, whose complaint about the brand went viral on the platform.” ~ learn more

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Inflammation drives social media use.

“It seems that inflammation not only increases social media use, but our results show preliminary evidence that it’s also associated with using social media to specifically interact with other users, like direct messaging and posting to people’s pages. Interestingly, inflammation […]

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When brands got horny.

“For a time, acting sassy or edgy was enough for brands seeking to break through the social-media noise. These days, however, the golden ticket is acting horny.” | learn more

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Real pictures are overrated.

“A new, AI-powered selfie generating tool called is making the rounds on social media, allowing users to create incredibly stylized, beautiful and handsome versions of their own faces by simply feeding the algorithm around five to ten previously taken […]

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The end of social media.

And the rise of recommendation media which places “far less emphasis on friends and social graphs in favor of carefully curated, magical algorithmic experiences that match the perfect content for the right people at the exact right time.” | learn more

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Brands are getting weird on social media

Thingtesting highlights a few brands that aren’t following the typical d2c script for social media: “Manicured feeds, on-brand messaging, the occasional playful meme, and an ultra-friendly member of the customer support team lurking in the comments.” | learn more