oh, Austin

I just learned about the Texas school recapture program.

“The decades-old system, known commonly as Robin Hood, is meant to balance resources among less property-wealthy school districts, with the goal of leveling out the per-student spending across all districts statewide.” Of note Austin’s school district is paying $710 million […]

teaching the kids

Your world, better

While I’m not in the market for middle school textbooks, I am fond of this one for its approach. Ever since Hans Rosling helped me realize my world view was based on decades-old and outdated data, I’ve wondered if that cycle persists. […]

fun facts

Remember the Trapper Keeper? 

Thank you, Tedium for not letting us forget: “The Trapper Keeper is a beacon of nostalgia, but genericized branding and school rules have pushed it off to the side. Good luck finding a new one in 2018.” | learn more