fun facts

AI magic makes century-old films look new

I came here for the colorized and sharpened San Francisco, a Trip down Market Street, and it was great. There is also upgraded old footage from France, Japan and the Moon! | learn more

fun facts

The great work-from-home migration

Redfin’s survey (n=900, probably biased) data shows, “more than 50% of people in New York, Seattle, San Francisco and Boston would move if work-from-home became permanent.” | learn more

better doing

The rise of distributed teams

“Silicon Valley tech firm building products that let people collaborate over any distance. Must relocate to San Francisco.” Read this post for a great analysis of remote work and distributed teams. | learn more

retail therapy

Amazon Go cashierless stores may be coming to airports.

I would be grateful for this considering my last visit clocked in at 23 seconds total. “ is looking at bringing its futuristic checkout-free store format to airports in an effort to win business from hungry, time-pressed travelers.” | learn […]

on the blockchain

Cryptopia in crisis.

Some of my friends in the blockchain space couldn’t help but notice that the media (in this case Forbes) has flipped 180 degrees on its tone for covering crypto since the token price decline started this year. Nevertheless, an interesting […]