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Peter Thiel’s origin story.

“Thin, dyspeptic, and humorless, he had seemed like an alien to his classmates since arriving at Stanford two and a half years earlier. He didn’t drink, didn’t date, didn’t crack jokes, and he seemed to possess both an insatiable ambition […]

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On Medici and Thiel

“A few hundred years ago, Cosimo Medici kickstarted a financial empire. At that same time he began a grand tradition of patronage, of Donatello most notably.” His kids provided patronage to Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Where have all the […]

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The case against Bitcoin

“Peter Thiel’s former portfolio manager says that the crypto narrative is built on half-truths and a nonchalance about the security provided by the nation-state.” | learn more

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Peter Thiel: you are not a lottery ticket

Thiel lays out his 2×2 matrix: pessimist vs optimist, determinate vs indeterminate. It starts out a little obscure, but once he fills in examples it really drives his point home. I found his description of the circular investment flows in […]

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Peter Thiel on progress and stagnation

Peter Thiel is an outsized character even by Silicon Valley standards. He believes we’re in an era of technological stagnation. “This document consists only of direct quotes from Thiel, lightly edited for clarity (except for headings and where marked otherwise).” | learn […]