better doing

Good explanations are hard to vary

This short Naval Ravikant post posits that good explanations, “should make risky and narrow predictions.” Part of his point is that tons of things are falsifiable in fact without leading to progress. Example: “If you eat 1kg of grass, it […]

big ideas

Naval Ravikant philosophizes on happiness in rare podcast

The entrepreneur-turned-angel-turned-philosopher had avoided all podcast appearances for a while until a relatively new and niche New Zealand podcaster (Samantha Ryan) lured him onto her show. He’s an interesting interviewee because he’s quick to disagree with the premise of questions […]

better doing

Happiness is peace in motion

Naval Ravikant has transitioned from startup investor to philosopher, and I like it! “The first problem with attaining peace is that no activity will get you there. Fundamentally, peace is inactivity; it’s a sense that everything is fine.” | learn more