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Amazon Prime is an economy-distorting lie

A fascinating theory of Amazon hurting consumers with monopoly power. “Amazon also uses its bazooka of cash from Prime members paying high consumer prices, laundered through third party sellers, to distort industries across the economy.” | learn more

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The quest for monopoly

This is about the NYSE, who lost their dominant market position before rebuilding it. I appreciate that it’s an example of a long lived and rarely highlighted monopoly business. The article does a wonderful job of telling the story. There’s […]

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Seeing whole systems

Watch at least the first few minutes of this talk to learn why Monopoly is such a frustrating game. “Using examples and stories such as the viciousness of the board game Monopoly and the miracle of self-organizing starlings, Case laid […]

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Amazon: a new kind of antitrust risk

I’m always on the lookout for things that might knock Amazon’s flywheel off balance. After all, it’s (pretty much) the only public company stock I own. Here’s a good one: “Amazon is the company most at risk from antitrust action, […]

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How MLB gamed its way to a baseball monopoly

“In 1922, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that effectively granted Major League Baseball a legal monopoly over professional baseball in the United States — a situation that persists to this day.” | learn more