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mRNA vaccine technology moves to flu.

This is still only the beginning. “Moderna has given out the first doses of an mRNA-based influenza vaccine to participants in an early-phase clinical trial, the company announced Wednesday.” | learn more

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Why bioplatforms matter and can even save the world

By Avak Kahvejian, partner at the incubator behind Moderna: Flagship Pioneering. “This ability to understand, devise, manufacture, test and distribute antidotes and vaccines to a novel virus was due in large part to the development and maturation of bioplatforms.” | learn more

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Manipulating the microbiome in plants and humans

I only recently learned about Flagship Pioneering and I have a small crush on them. They’ve founded over 100 companies, including Moderna (a name you’re hearing often in vaccine context), with 22 IPOs since 2013. Here’s them on plants: “Plants […]