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Manipulating the microbiome in plants and humans

I only recently learned about Flagship Pioneering and I have a small crush on them. They’ve founded over 100 companies, including Moderna (a name you’re hearing often in vaccine context), with 22 IPOs since 2013. Here’s them on plants: “Plants […]

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Guts and glory, microbiome edition

A point well taken. “Funneling down the complex etiology of human diseases to a particular gut microbe or set of microbes often involves far-reaching claims incompletely sup­port­ed by experimental evidence.” | learn more

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A new technique to remodel the gut microbiome

Peptides! “Instead of trying to kill harmful bacteria, or transplant beneficial bacteria, this hypothesis imagines remodeling, or reconstructing, a dysfunctional microbiome into a healthy one by using highly targeted peptides that can affect a broad number of different bacteria in […]

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Microbiome 2020 🦠

If I say “think of your body,” what do you picture? Your eyes? Your heart? Your toes? Do you think about your bacteria? Perhaps you should; current science suggests our microbes are as much “us” as our brain or fingertips. […]

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How intestinal bacteria regulate emotion and behavior

Incredible video showcasing some recent advances in research. “In this talk, [Biologist Sarkis] Mazmanian … highlights recent advances showing that specific microbes improve symptoms of anxiety and autism, laying the groundwork to harness the human microbiome to develop revolutionary treatments […]

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Deep aging clocks based on AI

Carve out some time to read this article, as it gets a bit technical. Basically, scientists are now finding AI-based biomarkers of aging and longevity. “Multiple data types can be used to predict age and associate the prediction with mortality, […]