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Guts and glory, microbiome edition

A point well taken. “Funneling down the complex etiology of human diseases to a particular gut microbe or set of microbes often involves far-reaching claims incompletely sup­port­ed by experimental evidence.” | learn more

under the microscope

A new technique to remodel the gut microbiome

Peptides! “Instead of trying to kill harmful bacteria, or transplant beneficial bacteria, this hypothesis imagines remodeling, or reconstructing, a dysfunctional microbiome into a healthy one by using highly targeted peptides that can affect a broad number of different bacteria in […]

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Microbiome 2020 🦠

If I say “think of your body,” what do you picture? Your eyes? Your heart? Your toes? Do you think about your bacteria? Perhaps you should; current science suggests our microbes are as much “us” as our brain or fingertips. […]

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How intestinal bacteria regulate emotion and behavior

Incredible video showcasing some recent advances in research. “In this talk, [Biologist Sarkis] Mazmanian … highlights recent advances showing that specific microbes improve symptoms of anxiety and autism, laying the groundwork to harness the human microbiome to develop revolutionary treatments […]

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Deep aging clocks based on AI

Carve out some time to read this article, as it gets a bit technical. Basically, scientists are now finding AI-based biomarkers of aging and longevity. “Multiple data types can be used to predict age and associate the prediction with mortality, […]

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Authorities questions uBiome’s billing practices

This company is a leader in the movement to help consumers (patients?) understand something (probably very little, but something) about the makeup of their microbiome. Insurers maybe don’t like paying for it, though. “Special agents from the Federal Bureau of […]