under the microscope

Life finds a way.

“The team found that the streamlined cell can evolve just as fast as a normal cell—demonstrating the capacity for organisms to adapt, even with an unnatural genome that would seemingly provide little flexibility.” ~ learn more

better doing

The data-driven answer to life.

As you start reading this article, you’ll think it’s about money. But it is really about happiness. “Be with your love, on an 80-degree and sunny day, overlooking a beautiful body of water, having sex.” | learn more

better doing

How to simplify your life — and get rid of your stuff.

This statistic was a strong opener to the article. “We’re filling our lives with so much junk that the U.S. now has more self-storage facilities than McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger Kings, Starbucks and Walmarts combined. That’s around 50,000 storage complexes.” | learn more

big ideas

The best advantage in life

“You are 25 year old interested in a career in investment management. A genie appears offering you one of the following (with all the learning, networking, benefits, etc… auto populated into your background). Which do you think best improves your […]

better doing

Your life in weeks

This is an old post from Tim Urban at Wait But Why, and I don’t think I’ve shared it before. It’s an amazing reminder of how short life can be, and therefore a timely reminder to appreciate life now. | learn more