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Grades and test scores, still.

“Grades are, by far, the criteria the public says should most factor into admissions decisions. This is followed by standardized test scores (39% major factor, 46% minor factor)…” | learn more

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Extreme names for your kids

Do you recall last year’s pop news featuring a child named Abcde (a bold parenting choice)? If you enjoyed that, you’ll love this short video. | learn more

oh, chicago

Lincoln Park public school ends free preschool

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as I continue to form my own. “A free preschool program in Chicago was criticized for giving preference to kids from the richest area. Now tuition is charged — is that a […]

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When kids learn to use chopsticks.

While eating some Chinese food this week, I realized that it’s probably harder for kids to learn how to use chopsticks than forks. So I wondered how old kids in Asia typically are when they learn. Thankfully, there was a […]

oh, chicago

DIY gunshot treatments. 

This is great and really sad at the same time. “Ujimaa Medics is helping local kids save lives by training them to treat gunshot wounds at the scene of a shooting.” | learn more