retail therapy

Retail price hikes & framing.

The headline is “America’s biggest companies can’t stop bragging to investors about how they’re charging you more” and I saw the link because of a politician’s tweet. The framing makes a few not-to-subtle implications about what “should” happen—retailers should absorb […]

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The false narrative around Theranos.

Elad Gil defends Silicon Valley tech startups, making the case that Theranos is not representative of them. “Theranos raised no real mainstream venture capital. None of the mainstream tech or biotech funders invested in Theranos.” | learn more

fun facts

Tyler Cowen is the best curator of talent in the world.

He runs a little-known grant program called Emergent Ventures. In just one field: “Tyler has identified talent either earlier than or missed by top undergraduate programs, the best biotech startups, and the best biotech investors, all without any insider knowledge […]

on the blockchain

Fred Wilson’s buying more Bitcoin

When bad news hits, risk assets are sold off in a hurry. Then, investors and traders reevaluate and start thinking more critically about what to buy. Bitcoin sold off along with everything else, and now it’s starting to recover. Meanwhile, […]