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The Amazon empire strikes back.

Stratechery: “Amazon’s owning the end to end supply chain makes it harder for merchants to ditch Amazon. Because the alternative logistics network form China are more expensive and more prone to failures. Investment years ago creates value and loyalty today.” | learn […]

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Peter Thiel: you are not a lottery ticket

Thiel lays out his 2×2 matrix: pessimist vs optimist, determinate vs indeterminate. It starts out a little obscure, but once he fills in examples it really drives his point home. I found his description of the circular investment flows in […]

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How investment bubbles can go right

“As long as both sides of the bubble have a lag between when the decision to spend is made and when the results are realized, they can leapfrog each other,” creating a virtuous cycle of innovation. | learn more

retail therapy

Brandless shuts down operations

The best-funded online retailer that aimed to cut out brand premiums and sell everything direct-to-consumer has shut down. They had raised $290 million, mostly from SoftBank, but couldn’t get the economics of the business to work. Some of the investment […]