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Excel as code.

“Not counting Excel users, there are only about 30 million programmers. Estimates put the number of Excel users between 500m and over 1 billion! It is therefore, by far, the most used programming language on the planet. It is easily […]

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10 life lessons to excel in your 30s

I probably read this a few years late. Author Mark Manson asked a bunch of people over 40 what they should have known at 30, then compiled the answers of over 600 responses. | learn more

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The ‘let me go back’ product strategy

This is another letter on strategy from Joel Spolsky written in 2000. Great stuff – especially the Excel examples (he was an Excel product manager). “When you’re trying to get people to switch from a competitor to your product, you need to […]

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The unbundling of Excel. 

Some years back, someone made a graphic showing how each Craigslist category spawned today’s successful vertical marketplaces. In that sense, Excel might be the next Craigslist. “Need to calculate? Excel. How about a task list? Excel. How about a lightweight […]