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Your world, better

While I’m not in the market for middle school textbooks, I am fond of this one for its approach. Ever since Hans Rosling helped me realize my world view was based on decades-old and outdated data, I’ve wondered if that cycle persists. […]

better doing

Your environment shapes your decisions

“Your environment matters more than you think. Most people waste most of their day paddling upstream. Here’s how to create an environment that makes it easy to thrive.” | learn more

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The peppered moth

Contrary to popular belief, evolution doesn’t necessarily happen over millions of years. Evolution has two components: random mutation and natural selection. Speedy changes in environment can drive quick outcomes via natural selection. The story of the peppered moth is instructive. | learn […]

better doing

Why your work environment matters. 

Farnam Street Blog tackles the negative impact that most office environments have on decision quality. Thankfully, the post also offers actionable advice on how to fix the problem. | learn more