fun facts

“The last man who knew everything.”

That was the title of a biography of Thomas Young (1773 – 1829). He was “a British polymath who made notable contributions to the fields of vision, light, solid mechanics, energy, physiology, language, musical harmony, and Egyptology. He was instrumental […]

big ideas

The case for more energy.

I am really finding myself drawn to this point of view. I think it may be the only truly great path forward for humanity. “America has been on a 45-year energy diet, and we ought to try and end it.” ~ learn […]

big ideas

Nuclear fusion and the future of energy.

This interview catches you up on almost everything you want to know about the state of fusion research. Dennis Whyte is a nuclear scientist at MIT and the director of the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center. He’s interviewed by […]

big ideas

Making energy too cheap to meter.

“Building a world that prioritizes energy production, an ergophilic world, can unlock far more than just solutions to problems. An ergophilic world would put no upper bound on our ability to manipulate the physical world: continuing the exponential growth in […]

to your health

Our ancient ancestors were energy savers.

“For our ancestors, finding food could be incredibly difficult, so they didn’t waste energy. Today, even though have energy sources ready at our fingertips, we still naturally protect how we spend that energy.” | learn more

big ideas

Pump-free geothermal loops

“[Requiring no power for pumping water down] makes this Eavor-Loop technology a bit of a unicorn. Essentially it’s a low-enthalpy geothermal station that sends fluid through a sealed loop in a way that self-perpetuates without adding any extra energy at […]