better doing

What kind of company do you want to build?

“In reflecting on [my business] failure, I have come to realize that my main mistake was in pretending certain trade-offs didn’t exist. Specifically, I think when building a company, all founders need to clearly prioritize the following three values: Scale, Speed, […]

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What’s Amazon’s market share?

Is it 35% or 5%? “Amazon is a big company, but what does that mean? How big is ‘big’? What does ‘dominant’ or ‘scale’ or ‘huge’ mean when US retail is $6 trillion every year?” Written by VC Ben Evans. | learn […]

better doing

How to build a company where the best ideas win. 

In this TED talk, the ridiculously successful investor Ray Dalio showcases how he establishes radical candor inside his hedge fund. He shares an email where an employee graded him a D- on a meeting for being unprepared, and his firm’s amazing software […]

better doing

Your team should get better at saying no. 

“Every company is in a value race. Not only do you have to create value for your customers, but you also have to do it before someone else does. Doing so requires the ability to say ‘yes’ to truly great […]