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Binance is blitzscaling

“Binance is executing more aggressively than any other business in the blockchain industry. As a proof point, in Q3 alone, Binance launched 12 major products/initiatives in quick succession, outpacing the development of all of the other “Real 10” exchanges (Coinbase, […]

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Grayscale to move billions to Coinbase for custody

“Grayscale, which claims to be the world’s largest bitcoin and digital currency asset manager, is today announcing Coinbase Custody will serve as custodian of the underlying assets for its products, and is expected to transfer nearly $3 billion of assets […]

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How people at Coinbase make decisions

Founder Brian Armstrong shares the framework they use for making decisions. I like it! This is an organization that grew in a few years to ~$1.5B in revenue and 13MM customers. | learn more

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YCombinator requests for startups.

Often said to be the world’s leading accelerator program (alums include Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Instacart, Coinbase), YC is a pillar of the startup community. They have a “Requests for Startups” page that highlights 25 areas of innovation that they would […]

on the blockchain

Interview with Chris Dixon. 

The a16z partner who led early investments into Ripple, Coinbase and other leading crypto companies shares his views in this interview with columnist Kevin Maney. | learn more