better doing


Gokul Rajaram, whose LinkedIn profile shows him as “Product and Business Helper” at Doordash, advises CEOs at the earliest stages of companies to hold the line on titles. Oh, he’s also a Board Member at Pinterest and Coinbase and a […]

better doing

How Coinbase is rethinking compensation

Coinbase’s latest changes should inspire us all. They’re going to pay 75th percentile compared to a peer group of big tech companies, removing all negotiation from offers and adopting annual equity grants instead of traditional 4-year grants. “Eliminating negotiations doesn’t […]

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Low FICO users driving crypto growth

I don’t know that there’s much of a conclusion to draw from this. I did crosscheck with the general distribution of credit scores, and this skews to lower than the overall average. “53% of Coinbase users have a FICO score […]