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Amazon’s marijuana request.

“Amazon has told its delivery partners to stop screening applicants for marijuana use, according to Bloomberg. Amazon said screening for marijuana reduces the number of job applicants by 30%. The company said eliminating the requirement increases applications by 400%.” | learn more

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Supersized pickup trucks

Angie Schmitt, writing for Bloomberg, tells the story of the pickup truck and its transformation from no-frills working truck to gigantic family vehicle. She makes the point that these large vehicles are more dangerous for pedestrians in crowded areas due […]

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The fast and the furious and the data.

Bloomberg put a lot of manhours into analyzing all sorts of interest data from the Fast and the Furious series of movies. For example, are you curious how the 311 gear shifts break down between the 7 movies? | learn […]

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China’s big hack. 

You may have seen some headlines about China managing to slip extra chips onto servers operated by Apple, Amazon and other US tech companies. This is a link to the Bloomberg piece with the original reporting that’s worth a read. […]