Ether as a store of national security. 

Cuy Sheffield puts forward an interesting theory for why Ether might retain value long-term without becoming a “Store of Value”. With enough tokenized securities on the blockchain, its security becomes worthy of defense spending. | learn more

The crypto commons.

Commons are a shared resource for use by multiple people. Individuals’ rational actions often end up destroying the resource (you may have heard this phrase: “the tragedy of the commons”). Can we create a scalable…

Real-time cost of a 51% attack. 

This live-updating website shows the cost of running a 51% attack against a blockchain for 84 different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is currently about $612k for an hour. | learn more

The mutual communication society. 

Jill Carlson shares a story of credit reporting by shopkeepers in 1800s London. Then, she brings it back to the blockchain: “Credit is an integral part of any mature and functional economic system. So if…

Bitcoin & child abuse imagery. 

A reminder that technology is neither good nor bad, but may be used for either purpose. Researchers have discovered child abuse images embedded in the bitcoin blockchain. What does this mean for the legality of…

In defense of use-cases. 

Rockstar attorney and blockchain enthusiast Christian Auty lays out his top four use-cases for everyone’s favorite highly-hyped technology. His writing always gets bonus points for style. |learn more

The sad state of crypto custody. 

The variety of tokens makes custody difficult. There’s much user friction inherent in the tradeoff between accessibility and security. This is one of the big problems and opportunities of blockchain technology. | learn more


Finally, adult entertainment on the blockchain. As much as I want to shake my head, this actually seems like a decent idea. The link is safe for work. | learn more