Cryptopia in crisis.

Some of my friends in the blockchain space couldn’t help but notice that the media (in this case Forbes) has flipped 180 degrees on its tone for covering crypto since the token price decline started this year. Nevertheless, an interesting article. | learn more

Why you should pay attention to tokenized assets. 

Reza Jafery explains why he believes, “Tokenized Assets and Security Token Offerings will spark adoption and legitimize the space.” I happen to think there’s something beautiful about the idea of fractionalized, tokenized & tradable assets, but I still have questions. If you’re interested in this too, talk to me about my monthly blockchain breakfast! learn more

Rainbow trout can now be called salmon in China. 

“A move to let rainbow trout be labelled as salmon after a food scandal causes a splash in China.” I guess nobody should be surprised by another food scandal coming from China, but I imagine the problem is actually a global one. I’d love to see a food supply chain transparency solution, blockchain or otherwise. learn more