Why you should pay attention to tokenized assets. 

Reza Jafery explains why he believes, “Tokenized Assets and Security Token Offerings will spark adoption and legitimize the space.” I happen to think there’s something beautiful about the idea of fractionalized, tokenized & tradable assets, but I still have questions. If you’re interested in this too, talk to me about my monthly blockchain breakfast! learn more

Andy Warhol painting tokenized and sold on blockchain. 

How interesting! The painting’s ownership has been fractionalized and tokenized, allowing partial interest to be bought via smart contract. The contract was powered by the blockchain platform Maecenas. “Approximately US$1.7 million was raised in the cryptocurrency auction for a 31.5% stake of the artwork whose total valuation was US$5.6 million.” learn more

Rainbow trout can now be called salmon in China. 

“A move to let rainbow trout be labelled as salmon after a food scandal causes a splash in China.” I guess nobody should be surprised by another food scandal coming from China, but I imagine the problem is actually a global one. I’d love to see a food supply chain transparency solution, blockchain or otherwise. learn more

The crypto commons.

Commons are a shared resource for use by multiple people. Individuals’ rational actions often end up destroying the resource (you may have heard this phrase: “the tragedy of the commons”). Can we create a scalable governance model for commons with blockchain? If so, what could that do to unlock economic growth? Mike Maples, Jr. from Floodgate Fund explains. learn more

Workers of the world unite on distributed digital platforms. 

The argument proposed in this article isn’t new – its underpinnings are the same as the CONE I wrote about in April. The more I think about it, the more I find this idea revolutionary. Corporations were an innovative structure that let humans collaborate for larger business goals. They are not necessarily the last innovation. This is a great write-up of the concept (and doesn’t get too blockchain-y). learn more

The mutual communication society. 

Jill Carlson shares a story of credit reporting by shopkeepers in 1800s London. Then, she brings it back to the blockchain: “Credit is an integral part of any mature and functional economic system. So if cryptocurrency is digital cash, what does digital credit look like?” learn more

Bitcoin & child abuse imagery. 

A reminder that technology is neither good nor bad, but may be used for either purpose. Researchers have discovered child abuse images embedded in the bitcoin blockchain. What does this mean for the legality of running a full node? learn more


Finally, adult entertainment on the blockchain. As much as I want to shake my head, this actually seems like a decent idea. The link is safe for work. learn more

Kevin Rose interviews Andreas Antonopolous. 

Kevin is a great interviewer, and Andreas has a very interesting perspective and a deep knowledge of blockchain. I tend to shy away from podcasts, but this is absolutely worthwhile for anyone with interest in blockchain. Andreas is basically living in the future, and his view of Bitcoin is a future-based one. He tends to see right past (right or wrong) the warts of today’s technology. learn more