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The Ethereum merge is coming.

Here’s Fred Wilson’s take. “The Merge is probably the most important change that a large scaled blockchain has ever undergone. It is not without risk and there is a chance that things will not go smoothly.” He’s excited! He also […]

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Computers that can make commitments.

Chris Dixon thinks of blockchains this way. “Traditional computers are ultimately controlled by people, either directly in the case of personal computers or indirectly through organizations. Blockchains invert this power relationship, putting the code in charge.” | learn more

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How NounsDAO plans to take over the world.

“On August 8th, 2021, Punk4156 and his team deployed a smart contract to the Ethereum blockchain that randomly generates a new NFT digital avatar (called a Noun) every 24 hours and auctions it off to the highest bidder. 100% of […]

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NFTs and JPEGs.

“are NFTs a bubble? no. wealth is a bubble. 1% of the global adult population are now millionaires.” | learn more

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Blockchain, the amazon solution for almost nothing

Factually accurate and I think wrong in the most meaningful sense. Sharing anyway! “Blockchain technology is going to change everything: the shipping industry, the financial system, government … in fact, what won’t it change? But enthusiasm for it mainly stems […]

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Balaji Srinivasan on The Portal podcast

Balaji is a blockchain guy, having most recently worked as CTO of Coinbase. He also was very early (January) with coronavirus analysis. This covers a lot of ground including how public health plays the role of a utility that we’ve […]

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Civil shuts down

This blockchain company, founded in 2016, had a lofty mission to create more trustworthy journalism. My favorite local news source, Block Club Chicago, runs on Civil’s platform. “Our grand experiment did not achieve its mission, but we did succeed in […]