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Test-tube mosquitoes might help us beat malaria

From the desk of Bill Gates: “It’s Mosquito Week again on the Gates Notes. This year I’m exploring some of the science behind malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. You can read below about how gene editing could play a key […]

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Bill Gates wants to talk about soil

“Nearly a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. Bill Gates highlights several companies who are developing creative solutions to fight climate change caused by agriculture.” Included in his list is Cambridge Crops, which I have the good […]

big ideas

Deaths for children under 5 have dropped 50% over 2 decades.

In part, we have Bill & Melinda Gates to thank for this. “There is a clear delineation in improved results after 2000, when ‘the world started investing more in global health, and in particular global health institutions,’ Melinda said.” | learn more

big ideas

Bill Gates: What I learned at work this year.

Basically, the only things he works on are big ideas, so this fits nicely here. “Bill Gates looks back on 2018, and shares a few thoughts on what’s going well and what isn’t with innovation in some specific areas that […]

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Memphis Meats raised money from some big names. 

Cargill Inc., Bill Gates, and Richard Branson participated in a funding round for (yet another) company that’s working to create meats from cultured cells. This technology is important for a variety of reasons – ethical and environmental immediately come to […]

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Tech takes a while. 

Amidst all of the excitement around how things will change because of technology (and they will!), don’t forget that it takes a while. Bill Gates had a famous quote: “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next […]