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VCs say they’re still open for business

Axios informally surveyed about 40 firms and they all stated they’re still making deals despite the current economic (and health) environment. I suspect this is an optimistic assessment and we’re going to see a slow-down in funding. To be fair, […]

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Higher education’s existential crisis

Axios sums up a bunch of data in their ‘deep dive’ on education. Almost 40% of students now are over 25 years old and nearly a quarter are parents. “The bottom line: Our idea of what college is and who […]

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Do people read privacy policies?

Axios and SurveyMonkey did a poll of about 4,000 people on the topic of privacy policies. One question: “How often would you say you check the ‘I accept’ or ‘I agree’ box on a company’s privacy policy/terms of service without […]

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Deepfakes go bigger with machine-generated copy.

Axios reports on the new technology from OpenAI that enables machines to write human-sounding prose. Combined with Deepfake technology to create artificial video and audio, “It could be used to influence people one-on-one on a massive scale, rather than distributing […]

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Deaths for children under 5 have dropped 50% over 2 decades.

In part, we have Bill & Melinda Gates to thank for this. “There is a clear delineation in improved results after 2000, when ‘the world started investing more in global health, and in particular global health institutions,’ Melinda said.” | learn more

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Saving main street with in-store technology.

China is arguably in the lead here – Alibaba has outfitted about 1 million mom & pop shops with heat sensors, digital payments and inventory tracking. While the US has fallen behind due to cultural privacy concerns, progress persists. | learn more

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Do VCs really need $1B exits?

Axios founder Dan Primack tweeted that the unicorn exit isn’t necessary, and that ignited quite the online debate. Jeff Carter at West Loop Ventures summarizes responses and adds his own take. | learn more