big ideas

Why your brain hates other people. 

Stanford Professor Robert Sapolsky discusses the deeply-rooted phenomenon of dividing the world between us and them. He also analyses how we categorize thems, and proposes some strategies to overcome this mentality. | learn more

fun facts

Canada might run out of pot. 

Prime minister Justin Trudeau is legalizing recreational marijuana. This isn’t necessarily easy, because there’s not enough legal pot to go around. His current challenge: getting through a supply crunch to beat down the black market. | learn more

tech, startups, internet

Volvo is going all electric in 2019. 

The brand will become the first major traditional automaker to ditch vehicles that rely solely on internal combustion engines. This is a meaningful move away from the oil that’s traditionally powered our transportation system. Tesla’s role as the catalyst for […]

retail therapy

Amazon’s new patent fights showrooming. 

Remember when retailers like Best Buy were getting clobbered by Amazon because people would look at products in store then buy online for less? Now, Amazon holds a patent for tech that prevents the practice called showrooming. While this author […]