Automating industry with cobots. 

“Robots in factories have historically been unwieldy, dangerous, and confined to large industrial settings. But now, smaller, cheaper collaborative robots are overcoming traditional challenges in the robotics industry, paving the way for ubiquitous robot technology that gets us much closer to our Jetsons-like future.” learn more

a16z bio fund invests in Ciitizen. 

Vijay Pande explains their investment thesis in Ciitizen, “a platform that helps patients securely collect and share their personal health data.” The startup looks to address one of the biggest underlying issues in healthcare: the structural lack of transparency when it comes to data. learn more

How to hack a neural network. 

One of the only YouTube channels I subscribe to is called Two Minute Papers. They create short video synopses of AI-related papers in scientific journals. This particular video is a worthwhile way to spend a couple minuets. learn more

China and the race for AI dominance. 

Here’s an interesting perspective from Wired UK that’s heavy on quotes from Kai-Fu Lee, one of the most famous technologists in China (he’s been an exec at Apple, Microsoft and Google). The author thinks China will win the global race. I think the jury’s still out. learn more

The state of AI 2018. 

These 156 slides by VC Nathan Benaich and Songkick founder Ian Hogarth will get you up to speed on state of the art in artificial intelligence. “Consider this report as a compilation of the most interesting things we’ve seen that seeks to trigger informed conversation about the state of AI and its implication for the future.” learn more

AI facial recognition deciphers your personality. 

“The Biometric Mirror, the only one of its kind in the world, is tucked away in a foyer at the University of Melbourne. … It has been programmed to read faces based on thousands of photos of people that were assessed and ranked by humans according to 14 characteristics, from gender, age and ethnicity to attractiveness, weirdness and emotional stability.” learn more

Ways to think about machine learning. 

The always-thoughtful Benedict Evans discusses machine learning in this post. He shuts down some of the oft-repeated sayings like “data is the new oil” in favor of more practical ways to understand the technology shift we’re living through. |learn more

How to profit from software companies. 

“Robert Smith’s private-equity firm, Vista Equity Partners, revamps software companies by following detailed protocols and gauging employees’ personalities and cognitive abilities. ‘Their process is like a factory,’ says one investor.” learn more

The scooter platform play. 

Andrew Chen, investor at a16z, explains why he thinks scooter startups are important and strategic to the future of transportation. I, for one, can’t wait for some bold company to bring these to Chicago so I can try! learn more

Rapid experimentation. 

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson remarks on the explosion of startup activity over the course of his career. “And so, we are in a golden era of tech entrepreneurship where anyone with an idea can make a go of it.” learn more