Why do so many TV shows have 65 episodes? 

I got hooked on this article in the intro where I learned that The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire was modeled after another Bel Aire show with a different demographic. “How the calculus of ’80s television programming lives on into the present day—and why the Disney Channel always seems to cancel shows after 65 episodes.” learn more

Nature Conservancy photo contest winners. 

These photos are awesome, so I’m including two in the newsletter! I encourage you to check out the rest. “The Nature Conservancy recently revealed the winning photographs from its massive global contest to find the most glorious images of nature across 5 categories.” learn more

Horse thief detectives. 

Horses were, for a long time, quite prominent in the US: 25 million horses for 100 million people in 1915. They were often the most valuable asset of a family, and they were fairly easy to move. So, horse thievery was a thing. Therefore, horse thief detective organizations were a thing. learn more