Just don’t call it rice. 

The rice industry is mad at cauliflower. The recent market success of cauliflower rice has them freaking out, even asking the FDA to evaluate whether manufacturers should be allowed to use the word rice to describe the product. Oddly, they don’t feel the same way about rice milklearn more

Indoor farming is hard. 

The promise of indoor farming is an attractive one: super-efficient land and water usage + hyper-local food. Sadly, most companies that have tried it have failed, including Chicago’s FarmedHere. Fast Company profiles Plenty, which is taking a run at a sustainable business model for indoor farming. learn more

Human DNA to be synthesized within 5 years? 

The Human Genome Project was a huge win for science. It’s outcome: we are now able to read our DNA. Next up on the docket is writing our DNA. Dr. Jef Boeke is the director of the Institute for Systems Genetics at New York University. He expects scientists will be able to create artificial human DNA within 4-5 years. What happens after that? learn more

The unbundling of Excel. 

Some years back, someone made a graphic showing how each Craigslist category spawned today’s successful vertical marketplaces. In that sense, Excel might be the next Craigslist. “Need to calculate? Excel. How about a task list? Excel. How about a lightweight CRM to manage customers? Financial model? Waterfall chart for project management? Simple dashboarding/charting tool? Data exchange format between a supplier and a buyer? Light ETL tool for moving data around an organization. The list goes on and on.” learn more

The next evolution of SEO. 

First came search engines. Then, came the profession of optimizing content for ranking in search engines. Then came the endless cat and mouse game of search engines updating algorithms, and optimizers updating content. This post on Hubspot Research discusses what they call Topic Clusters, which may be the latest basis for ranking algorithms. learn more