retail therapy

The end of the millennial lifestyle subsidy.

“It was as if Silicon Valley had made a secret pact to subsidize the lifestyles of urban Millennials. As I pointed out three years ago, if you woke up on a Casper mattress, worked out with a Peloton, Ubered to […]

on the blockchain

ENS lit a spark.

“It feels like money was invented out of thin air. Or, maybe the value was sitting there all along, and it’s no different than a high-priced technology company IPO on the Nasdaq with instant liquidity. Maybe this is what it […]

tech, startups, internet

Can Uber ever deliver?

This is part 23 of Hubert Horan’s quest to highlight the bear case for Uber. “The press is still refusing to depict Uber accurately, as a rotting corpse.” Reading this forced me to look up their most recent financials and […]

thoughts of food

Grubhub is merging with European counterpart

There’s consolidation happening in the online food business. Grubhub had been in talks with Uber but those broke down because of antitrust concerns. I think we’re coming to the tail end of the VC-sponsored discounts for consumers in this market. | learn […]