oh, chicago

Caterpillar’s headquarters leaving Illinois for Texas.

Just a few years ago they moved headquarters from Peoria to Deerfield, a suburb of Chicago. Now they’re leaving for Texas. “The move—expected to affect the roughly 230 corporate employees at Caterpillar’s headquarters—is the latest in a series of recent […]

oh, Austin

I just learned about the Texas school recapture program.

“The decades-old system, known commonly as Robin Hood, is meant to balance resources among less property-wealthy school districts, with the goal of leveling out the per-student spending across all districts statewide.” Of note Austin’s school district is paying $710 million […]

fun facts

Johnson & Johnson and the Texas Two-Step.

“The Texas Two-Step is a way of describing when a company with a f*ck ton of potential tort liabilities…” uses obscure Texas corporate law to limit that liability in bankruptcy court. One more quote: “If that sounds shady as f*ck […]

fun facts

How to build a small town in Texas

“How do you build a town?” We know well how it used to be done, but these last one or two centuries we have forgotten how to do it (with only a handful of notable exceptions during the last century).” […]

fun facts

The Texas constitution

Someone suggested I check out the state constitution for some fun reading. Did not disappoint. “RELIGIOUS TESTS. No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office, or public trust, in this State; nor shall any one be […]

fun facts

The farm-to-market roads of Texas

As we drove into Texas, I saw the initials “FM” on many highway exit signs. There’s a whole roadway system connecting farms with their local market towns. | learn more