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Why do people start businesses in each state?

“OnDeck uses data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 Annual Business Survey to highlight the most unique reasons for why people start businesses in each U.S. state.” Reasons include flexible hours, greater income, and ‘couldn’t find a job’. Both Illinois […]

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NFTs invade art town Marfa, TX.

“This past October, Erick Calderon stood in front of a crowd in Marfa, the West Texas town beloved by artists, and attempted to explain, in a public town-hall meeting, his new venture: a showcase of N.F.T. art. … When Calderon […]

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The biggest surf park development on the planet.

Coming (hopefully soon) to Austin. “If all goes according to plan, Pura Vida will be the largest integrated wave pool development in the world. In addition to the Surf Lake at the center, other high adventure additions will be announced […]

oh, Austin

Building around protected trees in Austin.

There’s construction on my street and that included removal of a big tree. I learned that trees larger than 19″ diameter are all protected, so to remove one you must pay a fee, plant new trees elsewhere on the property, […]

oh, Austin

The difference between xeriscape and zeroscape.

I hadn’t heard of this until I moved to Texas. Keeping plants (and grass) alive down here can be hard, so often landscaping is designed to require no water. When I finally saw the word ‘xeriscape’ written out, I thought […]

oh, Austin

Ten things Paul Millerd likes about Austin.

“Many people claim to have moved here because of the lack of state taxes. I think people are lying. If that was the case they would have moved to Dallas. This may be a bold claim but I think there […]

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Caterpillar’s headquarters leaving Illinois for Texas.

Just a few years ago they moved headquarters from Peoria to Deerfield, a suburb of Chicago. Now they’re leaving for Texas. “The move—expected to affect the roughly 230 corporate employees at Caterpillar’s headquarters—is the latest in a series of recent […]